I don’t want to spend all of my time “infighting.” It’s actually very annoying. I would much prefer to dedicate my time to other things. I have a lot of articles to finish and squabbling with idiots is a big timesink. But I feel compelled to do it because I noticed that the DR was being driven off the rails and it seemed like nobody was willing to instigate “infighting” or even mildly criticize DR talking heads.

The DR has extremely cult-like behavior whereby media personalities become deified. They gather up a small following of dedicated fans who hang on their every word and then viciously gatekeep their audience by accusing any critics of being feds or whatever — regardless of how valid their criticisms are and how much evidence they have in support of their claims.

I think part of the problem is that the DR has no clearly defined set of first principles. This means that it invariably gets dragged down insane and counterintuitive paths. In the past couple of years alone I’ve seen people:

  • Shilling for COVID vaccines, lockdowns, and even social credit systems (!) as “based authoritarianism” that will “defeat Liberalism.”
  • Shilling for Stalinist USSR as “le trad utopia.”
  • Shilling for Islam (including the Islamic conquest of Europe).
  • Shilling for ChiComs and Socialism in general.
  • Trying to ally with “based” Leftists (who do not exist and never did).
  • Calling people “anti-White” because they don’t care about Palestine or some other Third World tribal conflict.
  • Spending all of their time trying to rehabilitate bad mustache man (aka the modern equivalent of Satan).
  • Saying that they want hostile foreign civilizations to destroy and conquer our own.
  • Saying that they want our entire civilization to be burned to the ground because le tribal hunter-gatherer LARP (I was guilty of this one, my bad).
  • And most recently, celebrating anti-White terrorist attacks just because the perpetrator was a “based racist Hotep” or because the little White girls who were killed “would just grow up to be whores anyway.”

Imagine how bad the DR would be without infighting?