So-called “conspiracy theorists” are often accused of fabricating the concept of the New World Order. They need a Big Bad Guy to scapegoat for all of the world’s problems because they cannot cope with the intricate complexities of reality, or so the story goes. I’m sure you’ve heard this a thousand times: You explain that wealthy and powerful people conspire beyond borders to attain more wealth and power, only to be met with a fluoride stare and an “uhhhhh… the world is actually way more complicated than that… there’s… umm… tons other factors at play here…” (these factors are rarely elaborated upon).

This mindset is perfectly understandable. Of course the modern political landscape would seem quasi-mystical to the masses when it is strategically designed to be as incomprehensible as possible. Basic truths — like social hierarchy or the existence of race and human sexual dimorphism — are obfuscated by an endless torrent of lies, psyops, and disinformation. Fortunately, with access to the right information, the mystical veil falls and the perceived complexities of politics fade away. The origin of the New World Order concept is a perfect case study.

Contrary to popular belief, globalist elites coined the term ‘New World Order’ themselves to describe their own one-world government project (including its Left-Wing ideology and assorted multilateral and transnational organizations), which aims to overthrow the so-called ‘Old World Order’ of traditional, conservative, nationalist, sovereign societies. (Perhaps “aimed,” is more accurate, since they achieved this goal decades ago).

BitChute and YouTube are full of video compilations featuring contemporary politicians discussing the New World Order (e.g.:, but the term was coined over a century ago. It saw increased usage during the First World War, which resulted in the League of Nations (world government 1.0), and the Second World War, which resulted in the United Nations (world government 2.0, a rebranding of the League of Nations).

Below are a few examples of influential figures using the term “New World Order” over the last 177 years.

  • Marx and Engels used the term in their 1845 book The Holy Family, when explaining that Communism is a continuation of the French Revolution and that they aimed to overthrow the “old world order” [1]. Although, some have argued that this is a bad or anachronistic translation.
  • In 1919, Woodrow Wilson used “new international order” in a speech to Congress [2] and “new order of the world” in another speech [3].
  • H. G. Wells wrote The New World Order in 1940, which became an official doctrinal template for the United Nations [4].
  • Also in 1940, Arthur Greenwood used the term in an official UK government announcement published via The New York Times [5].
  • In 1991, the United Nations’ James S. Sutterlin used the term in an article published via the Council on Foreign Relations’ magazine, Foreign Affairs [6].
  • Henry Kissinger uses the term constantly, this example is from 1992 [7]. He also wrote a book called World Order in 2014 [8].
  • Tony Blair used the term in an official government address in 2000 [9].
  • The Royal Institute of International Affairs used the term “New World Order” in 2019 when referring to the world banking operation founded by the United Nations cabal: “[Bretton Woods] established the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank as the key institutions to manage this new world order.” [10].

Here are a couple of those sources in image format:

Remember: The globalist agenda is sold to the masses as inevitable and beneficial progress that seeks to advance and uplift the entire human species, but it all becomes a baseless, racist, sexist, neo-nazi conspiracy theory as soon as anyone complains about it.