If you use Wikipedia, you’ve probably seen pop-ups like this:

You may even have donated as a result. After all, Wikipedia is a very useful resource and their financial appeals seem sincere.

But do you know where your money is going?

Wikipedia is administered by The Wikimedia Foundation, a San Francisco based nonprofit with 400 employees.

Wikimedia has exploded in size over the last decade, with spending soaring from $10 million in 2010 to $112 million in 2020.

This may seem surprising, since the Wikipedia website has remained more or less identical for the last 10 years. So, what explains this massive increase in spending?

Wikipedia 2012 vs 2022:

Is it because more people are using the website, making it more expensive to run? Nope. In 2021, website hosting cost Wikimedia $2.4 million, less than it did in 2012.

2012-2013 accounts for Wikimedia

2020-2021 accounts for Wikimedia

According to Wikimedia’s own website, less than half of their expenditure directly supports Wikipedia.

Bear in mind: Wikipedia was once an incredibly cheap, volunteer-run website. Here’s a video of Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales describing how the website operated back in 2005:

So, where is all of this money going? How does the Wikimedia Foundation use your Wikipedia donations?

Well, a significant proportion of it is simply re-donated to organizations of their choosing. Much of the Wikimedia Foundation is dedicated to this process of funneling money. From 2012 to 2020, Wikimedia’s salary spending increased fivefold, and $22.9 million was given away in grants.

What sort of grants are we talking about here? As you may know, Wikipedia emphasizes its “neutral point of view” (which is nothing of the sort). However, the Wikimedia Foundation is openly politicized and an active participant in America’s culture war.

Wikipedia donations are being used to overthrow “Eurocentiricity, White-male-imperialist-patriarchal supremacy, superiority, power and privilege to create an environment that is inclusive and reflects the experience of communities of color worldwide.” It’s right there on the Wikimedia website.

Let’s take a look at two recipients of big Wikimedia grants.

Wikimedia pledged a quarter of a million dollars to The SeRCH Foundation’s #VanguardSTEM project, which seeks to advance the interests of non-White people in STEM by “addressing inequitable representation.”

According to VangardSTEM’s website, they are “Queer, Black feminists” and proponents of an “Intersectional Scientific Method” involving “hyperspace.” The hyperspace stuff is gibberish, but intersectionality is a theory invented by Marxist feminists, like Angela Davis (a student of leading Frankfurt School philosopher, Herbert Marcuse). In layman’s terms, “intersectionality” means “all minorities need to gang up against White men.”

VangardSTEM’s output consists of long-winded YouTube videos that get around 50 views, on average. Does this seem like a project worth investing $250,000 in?

In these video essays, they discuss issues in science, like objectivity (they oppose it) and bias (they support it). They’ve produced one new video in the last year.

Wikimedia also gave $250,000 to an organization called Borealis Philanthropy, which is even more politically radical and fully committed to driving America’s cultural revolution. They describe the anti-White BLM-ANTIFA race riots of 2020 as “the 2020 Uprisings”:

Wikimedia specifically donated to Borealis Philanthropy’s Racial Equity in Journalism Fund and the money has cascaded down to dozens of ideologically aligned (i.e. anti-White) news outlets across the United States.

So, the money you give to keep Wikipedia online is actually siphoned away and used to fund Marxist terrorists and their anti-White revolution. Wonderful!

In 2017, a Wikipedia editor named Guy Macon wrote an article titled ‘Wikipedia has a Cancer.’ He predicted that Wikimedia’s runaway spending would bankrupt Wikipedia, resulting in a Facebook or Google takeover. Since then, Wikimedia’s budget has almost doubled.

What Macon misunderstood is that organizations like Wikimedia are not cancers, they are parasites. And parasites cannot survive without a host. Almost nobody would donate to Wikipedia if they knew that their money was being taken by Wikimedia and used to bankroll unrelated Leftist political agendas. Without Wikipedia, the Wikimedia Foundation would starve to death.

In the West, a colossal shady network of NGOs, charities, and foundations is used to finance Left-Wing revolutionary politics. An unaccountable caste of activist-professionals actively captures and subsumes any and every non-profit organization, redirecting them toward Leftist goals.

This phenomenon is sometimes called ‘The Blob’: A powerful but amorphous and inconspicuous mass of bureaucrats, slowly chipping away at society, driving the dysfunction of the 21st century from behind the scenes.

Wikipedia is an incredible website — in theory. But as things stand today, it is nothing more than a weapon in the hands of anti-White, anti-family, Left-Wing political activists, who want nothing less than the total destruction of the West.

The above article was modified from this Twitter thread.