A short article containing ten informative citations that some people may not be aware of.

The United Nations coins “Replacement Migration” agenda, citing low birth rates as justification for using mass migration to ethnically cleanse the native populations of Europe, North America, Russia, Japan and Korea.

The European Union, an official UN partner, co-signs this idea.

The IMF (part of the UN) calls for these nations to open their borders to mass migration.

The World Bank (also part of the UN) says that immigration is the best way to achieve the “goals of the World Bank.”

World Economic Forum (an official UN partner) says Europe “needs” migrants.

The Rockefeller Foundation says immigration makes US stronger, donates millions to ACLU, ADL, and International Rescue Committee (UN-linked org). The Rockefellers played an important role in founding the United Nations.

The Council on Foreign Relations says that the problem with immigration is that we don’t have enough.

And so does the Federal Reserve.

George Soros invests hundreds of millions in promoting immigration, his think tank declares it a “human right.”

Bloomberg (an official WEF partner) shills for mass migration into Japan.