The baseless claim that White men are responsible for over 33% of rapes in South Korea has been floating around the internet for a few years now. It’s still posted frequently, so here is a brief debunking.

This claim was originally fabricated in a Novara Media article written by an anti-White, South Korean feminist called Kate Sim. Despite her open hatred of White people, she currently lives in the West, working as a Policy Advisor for Google. She has a PhD in “gender-based violence and technology” from Oxford University and a long history of writing deranged gibberish. While attending Harvard, she penned an article claiming that “rape culture is real at Harvard, and is perhaps even more pervasive on campus due to Harvard’s history as an all-male institution” (source). Classic ‘insane feminist’ stuff. For reference, Novara Media is a UK-based Socialist organization and its founders work for George Soros’ Open Society (see below).

The above information should be enough for any sane person to dismiss these claims as the psychotic ramblings of a hateful Leftist. But it gets worse. Despite her prestigious education, Kate Sim’s Novara Media article provides no statistics or citations, only anecdotes and conjecture (and endless paragraphs of seething anti-White hatred). Again, this total lack of evidence should be enough to dismiss the entire article as baseless nonsense.

She writes:

“During my time working at the Seoul Rape Crisis Center […] I saw how yellow bodies silently absorbed [the cost of whiteness]: sexual assault of Korean women by white men, mostly American, constituted at least a third of the Center’s cases. This is, of course, invisible to those in the West because of the concealed workings of globalization, racism and colonialism, and the failures of carceral feminist approaches to sexual violence.”

The normalization and prevalence of sexual violence against Korean women by white men demonstrate the material consequence of the unequal distribution of mobility. The Rape Crisis Center’s record quantifies this kind of assault as a third of its annual cases, but I wonder what the recorded incidents amount to and how many go unrecorded. […] White men come and go–untraceable and unaccountable.”

The key word here is “normalized”: She is claiming that her unsourced (fabricated) statistic applies to the entirety of South Korea and not just the Seoul Rape Crisis Center (which is not located in the tourist hotspot of Itaewon, as she implies).

When Sim’s article was published, male foreign nationals from “Western” countries (US, Canada, UK, Australia, NZ, and Russia) constituted approximately 0.35% of the South Korean population. However, since South Korea does not record immigrants’ race/ethnicity (only country of origin and sex), we have no idea how many of these “Western” foreign nationals were actually White.

Either way, this is an insane overrepresentation that does not match the rape rates of Whites in any country worldwide. The tiny “Western” foreign national population would have to go on round-the-clock rape rampages to even come close to committing 33% of the rapes in South Korea. And it would be plastered all over our anti-White media.

[South Korean demographic statistics here, here, and here].

Uncovering official government statistics for crime in South Korea is pretty difficult. It involves a lot of translating and the statistics I found did not divide foreign nationals by country of origin. However, I did find some South Korean mainstream media articles covering crimes committed by foreign nationals (here and here). Shockingly, they didn’t even mention “Western” men when reporting on rape statistics:

“For rape, rates for Pakistanis in Korea were 5.85 times higher than Korean citizens, followed by Bangladesh citizens at 3.2 times higher, Kyrgyz citizens at 2.83 times, Sri Lankans at 2.43 times and Mongolians at 1.86 times higher.”

So, foreign populations with the highest rape rates in South Korea are all from Asia, not the West. Since Whites were not mentioned, it’s entirely possible that White immigrants have lower rape rates than native South Korean men. I cannot find statistics to confirm this fact, but ethnically homogeneous White countries have significantly lower rape rates than ~96% ethnically homogeneous South Korea, ~3 vs ~14 [map source].

The aforementioned articles did mention “Russians” (who may or may not be White, since Russia was ~80% White in 2010) when reporting on general ‘violent crime,’ meaning that Whites were not omitted:

“[In] terms of crime rates for other nationalities, the violent crime rate was 5.79 times higher for Pakistani citizens than Koreans, followed by Mongolians at 3.86 times higher, Russians at 2.92 times, Uzbeks at 2.86 times and Sri Lankins at 2.66 times.”

In summary:

  • The original claim was made by a hateful, anti-White, feminist Google employee with a history of writing similarly deranged articles.
  • It was published in a Socialist magazine that was founded by George Soros employees.
  • The claim is supported by zero statistical evidence.
  • The claimed rape rate is essentially physically impossible.
  • Foreign nationals with the highest rape rates in South Korea are from Asia, not the West.
  • Homogeneous South Korea has a rape rate that is 4.6 times higher than homogeneous White countries (e.g. Eastern Europe).

Conclusion: HOAX.