I keep seeing this crappy greentext being shared around as if it’s some sort of insightful revelation. It isn’t. It’s a classic example of Leftist disinformation. It was posted in 2016 when /pol/ was full of Leftist trolls trying to break the Cultural Marxism consensus.

Leftists post these disinformation textwalls for a few reasons:
1) To stop you from digging up and exposing their crimes.
2) To shift the blame for their crimes onto people who are either neutral or Right-Wing.
3) To get you in line with their overall aims and, ultimately, convert you to Socialism.

They can’t meme or be honest (they’re biologically incapable), so they have to trick people into becoming Leftists.

While this greentext does mix some truth with its lies, you can easily tell that it is a LARPing Leftist for the following reasons:

  1. Constant use of Leftist buzzwords.
  2. Claiming that there is no Globalist conspiracy.
  3. Claiming that everything is the fault of Capitalism.
  4. Claiming that Leftists are the Real Revolutionaries.
  5. Claiming that Socialism is the true threat to Globalism.

Every sentence in this greentext sets off alarm bells but here are some of the most obvious red flags, with explanations (some paraphrasing for brevity):

“Hello fellow racists, I write papers for the United Nations on the subject of Replacement Migration”

^ No explanation necessary.

“The idea that Globalism is in any way related to Leftism is foolish. The real enemy is evil Mr. Monopoly”

^ Typical Leftoid cope: “We’re the real rebels, we’re still fighting against the system, we totally aren’t in power.”

“What you call Socialism is actually Global State-Capitalism

^ State-capitalism = Commie buzzword invented by Lenin and never used by non-Leftists.

“There is no global conspiracy to create a world government, it’s just corporations trying to maintain free markets and a giant headless bureaucracy”

^ Firstly, not true. Secondly, if it was true, the “only solution” would be economic revolution. What a coincidence!

“Global economic integration is not Leftist or Communist”

^ Leftsts have been pushing for global integration for centuries – Workers of the World Unite!

“The CIA are extremely anti-Leftist”

^ The CIA has been infested with Communists since the OSS days (see the Venona Project, OSS hiring Frankfurt School, etc.). It’s a quintessential Leftoid organization.

“The New Left is strongly opposed the welfare state. They fought against it with Feminism and Black power”

^ Not even remotely true. They still want infinity welfare, especially Blacks and women.

“To co-opt the threat that Black women posed to the Capitalist World Order, Mr. Monopoly co-opted identity politics”

^ Insane claim. Doing ‘identity politics’ was the Left’s strategy to “destroy society” (Georgy Lukács), abolish “false consciousness,” and implement Socialism.

“The left has been cucked by focusing economic agitation into non-threatening identity activism”

^ Classic “actually, the Capitalists are destroying your society, not us :^)” bs. Again, Cultural Marxism is economic agitation. The idea is that by destroying all non-class-based identities, a Socialist revolution becomes inevitable because the proles will finally recognize their class oppression.

“The Globalist solution to the Civil Rights Revolution was to co-opt identity politics and shift economic administration to a global level (via United Nations organizations, e.g. World Bank and IMF)”

^ The Civil Rights Revolution was BLM 1.0, i.e. astroturfed. It wasn’t a threat to Globalism but a necessary step toward it. Plus, all of these UN organizations were established at Bretton Woods before WW2 was even over, decades before the Civil Rights Revolution.

“The goal of NWO is to abolish all pre-capital factors: race, ethnicity, history, religion, etc.”

^ Again, this is the aim of Leftists. Marx and Engels unambiguously said they wanted to abolish all of those things in the Communist Manifesto and Leftists have been promoting anti-racism, anti-nationalism, historical revisionism, anti-Christianity, and anti-family ideals ever since.

“…because these factors could serve as basis for democratic agitation against supranational institutions”

^ “Democratic” – Libtard calling card.

“The new wave of nationalism caught Globalists by surprise because they thought demographics had shifted too far and Leftsts had been cucked into fighting for identity politics rather than Socialism”

^ First part, not true at all. Leftists have been writing about potential “White backlash” to their policies for a long time. Second part is just hamfisted insertion of “Leftists are also fighting against Globalism!”

“The goal is to sell ‘whiteness’ as a consumer product”

^ lol

“Beauty is subjective”

^ Classic low-disgust-sensitivity libtard nonsense.

“Cosmetic surgery increased transgenderism by transforming female sexuality into acquirable commodities and men became consumers of these commodities”

^ lol 2

If you fell for this textwall then I’m sorry to say that you are a doofus. Unless you are newly redpilled and unfamiliar with basic historical facts, you shouldn’t be falling for this sort of nonsense.

People need to read things more critically, especially anonymous garbage posted on a website that was referred to by its own users as “an ocean of piss.”