The “evidence” for this is that AI analysis classified the ‘gender’ of something I posted as “weakly female.” This AI also classified Joel & Keith’s posts as female. The tool has 70% accuracy and more input data obviously produces more accurate results. I guarantee any of my full articles will be classified as masculine.

None of that is relevant because these freaks know I’m a man. They hate the fact that I’ve exposed their leaders’ Communist sympathies, COVID shilling, Third Worldism, strange links to Russian intelligence, etc. They can’t debunk my arguments because I provide citations for everything.

In typical Leftist style, they resort to Saul Alinsky tactics & defamation. They post sick sexual fantasies about me, create fake evidence that I claimed to be female on social media, that I’m transgender, a woman LARPing as a man or vice versa, etc. This is likely an attempt to make me self-dox; they often complain that I don’t appear on camera or podcasts.

This video of NJP’s “Sven,” from their 1000th episode of “TDS,” is a good example of the lunacy that I have been warning about:

– He attacks “anti-vaxxers” and “science-deniers.” He wishes death upon them and blames them for regime censorship.
– He celebrates the fact that lockdowns destroyed small businesses, shills for big business, and claims that lockdowns didn’t go far enough.
– He says that everyone should have taken the defective vaccines (which have lethal side effects) and that all unvaccinated people are going to die because they “refused healthcare.”

Their fans are the freaks who invented these ridiculous rumors about me.