Resources and Downloads

This is currently a work in progress. I’ll update with useful resources as I go along. I’ll be turning some articles into PDF/ebooks at some point, since that is often requested.

Infographics and Images

This is basically just stuff I’ve covered in articles but without all of the words.

Systemic Anti-White Bias in Western Media

Leftism and Mental Illness

In-Group Preference by Race

Racial Crime Statistics from around the globe

A Race-by-Race breakdown of Human Genetic Diversity

Mapping the Power Structure of the Global System

Global Environmental Statistics (maps, etc.)

The “Jay Queue” from the Horses’ Mouths (150+ news articles)


Some of this stuff is my work, some of it is not my work.

Useful Resources

  • Reading List (2020)
    ??? words. Short.
    People ask me for book recommendations quite regularly, so here’s a 2020 reading list featuring around 35 books. Topcs covered: Health, European History, Ancient Historians and Mythology, Religion, Philosophy, Modernity and Tradition, The Second World War, Environmentalism
  • NoFap Timeline: What to expect and when to expect it (2020)
    450 words
    Does as the title says. A step-by-step guide to what physical and mental changes you can expect while doing nofap.

“Political Stuff”

  • Systemic Anti-White Bias in Western Media (2020) (9mb version) (4mb version)
    — 300 words.
    Lots of evidence demonstrating that the West is systemically anti-White; as far from systemically “White supremacist” as possible.
  • Racial Crime Statistics – Documentation of globally consistent trends (2020)
    — 250 words.
    TL;DR: Ethnic and racial groups appear to be biologically inclined or predisposed towards a certain level of average criminality, regardless of circumstantial and environmental factors.

“Academic Stuff”

  • The Negative Impact of Racial and Ethnic Diversity Upon Societies and Individuals. [Literature review / study library]
    11000 words
    Contains over 100 studies on the negative effects of “diversity” covering every aspect of society, including: Trust and Social Cohesion, Conflict, Violence, and War, Segregation and Fractionalization, Work, Innovation, and Economics, Health and the Environment, Education. Reading all of this at once is not recommended. Use it as a reference book or library of sources.

Essays and Extracts

  • ‘Orientations’ by Julius Evola (1950)
    8500 words
    A short essay, aimed mainly towards right-wing youth. Designed to help you skip dumb pitfalls and steer you towards a more cohesive worldview. One read through this is better than listening to one hundred babbling podcasts.
  • ‘On The Dark Age’ by Julius Evola (1934)
    900 words
    An extract from Evola’s Revolt Against the Modern World, covering characteristics of Kali Yuga, as described by the 2,500-year-old Vishnu Purana. An eerily accurate description of the modern world.
  • Master–Slave Morality, an extract from ‘Beyond Good and Evil’ by Nietzsche (1886)
    3300 words
    These are the most important parts of Beyond Good and Evil, so if you’re really short on time and don’t want to read the whole thing, check out this PDF. It’s only 10 pages long.

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