This is currently a work in progress and I’ll update it with useful resources as I go along.

Reading List 2020
An updated reading list.

Introductory books to various important subjects:
– Health
– European History
– Ancient Historians and Mythology
– Religion
– Philosophy
– Modernity and Tradition
– The Second World War
– Environmentalism

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“The System” explained simply and succinctly. (PDF)
(Version 1.0)

Download/view here:

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Structure of the Global System (Infographics)

Download links in this blog post.

International Finance, World War, and the Creation of the Global System. (PDF)
(Version 4.1, CTRL+F search functionality fixed)

Download/view here:

Info in this blog post:

@Hategraphs, the Book (PDF)


Produced by a guy called Ad Astra, apparently. Contains 100+ pages of forbidden graphs on topics from demographics to crime statistics.

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