2. Communism in Germany
3. Communism in Russia
4. Communism in China
5. Communism in South Africa
6. BLM and the “New” Face of Communism
7. This Won’t End Well
8. Conclusion


Who is behind ANTIFA? Who is behind Communism? Who is behind BLM? Why don’t we ask Our Greatest Allies? Perhaps their mainstream media can steer us in the right direction?


2. Communism in Germany


3. Communism in Russia

4. Communism in China

5. Communism in South Africa

6. BLM and the “New” Face of Communism

Marxism is by no means “dead,” as is often claimed by the buffoonish Eurasiaphilic “nationalists” of today. Communism did not simply “disappear” and fade into obscurity with the collapse of the USSR. For decades, Marxism has discretely boiled under the surface of Western society, out of the limelight of the political realm. What was once a centralized, predominantly economics-focused movement has mutated into a largely decentralized, culture-focused movement.

This transformation occurred after the end of the First World War, as a result of multiple failed Communist revolutions at the dawn of the 20th Century. Disillusioned Marxists came to realize that the affluent Westerners could not easily be convinced to overthrow their cozy societies in the name of mass starvation and Communist slavery — especially after witnessing the horrors of the USSR. To solve the problem of uncooperative Western workers, Marxists began to reflect upon and critique the fundamental premises of Orthodox Marxism.

In Marxist theory, society is divided into two interdependent halves: the ‘Base,’ or the economy and means of production; and the ‘Superstructure,’ the non-economic elements of society (politics, culture, social structure, religion, etc.).

The fundamental aim of Marxism is the modification of the Superstructure.

As outlined in the ‘Communist Manifesto,’ Marxists aim to abolish four main aspects of society:

– Private property
– Nationality
– Religion
– Family

The quintessential goal of Marxism is the total deracination of all peoples, and the creation of a new global breed of rootless “international workers.” Not too dissimilar to the rootless “international consumers” created by so-called Neo-Liberal Capitalism.

Marx believed that a society’s Superstructure is dominated by its Base. Thus, he concluded that modifying a society’s Base — its economic system — was the most effective way to modify its Superstructure, transforming said society into a radiant Communist utopia. (This is why Marxism is often mistakenly understood to be an ‘economic theory,’ rather than an economics-focused political ideology).

Since Western workers refused to play ball with economics-focused Marxism, Western Marxists flipped the Base/Superstructure relationship of Orthodox Marxism on its head. To bring about their deracinated Communist “utopia,” they would temporarily abandon Marxist economics and instead focus on taking control of the Superstructures of Western civilization. This theory, known as ‘cultural hegemony,’ was initially developed by the Italian Communist, Antonio Gramsci, whose ideas defined the political battlefield of the post-war world.

Through the steady, discrete colonization and subversion of all major social and cultural institutions — church, arts, literature, theater, TV, radio, news media, education systems, corporations, etc. — the entire population of the West would be covertly converted to Marxist ideology against their will, via social osmosis.

Today we find the newest evolution of Marxism in the West represented by Leftist cultural movements, such as Black Lives Matter, all of which are built upon the foundations of Western Marxist theory (also known as ‘Critical Theory’). These theories were predominantly developed by internationally influential institutions, such as the Frankfurt School and New School, both of which were heavily supported by the ultra-globalists and ultra-capitalists affiliated with the United Nations cabal. People such as David Rockefeller directly funded these organizations and, in turn, the students of these Schools graduated to take up influential positions within the UN and other globalist power structures. These institutions remain well-connected to this day; George Soros, for example, was awarded multiple honorary degrees by the New School in the 1980s.

Due to the Marxist colonization of our education systems and media apparatus, Marxist theory has been pumped into the brain of every single child in the West since around the 1960s. Our society is currently so saturated with Western Marxist ideology that almost the entirety of the mainstream “right-wing” regurgitates Marxist rhetoric on a daily basis.

(Learn more about the history of Western (“Cultural”) Marxism via this article. You should also watch VertigoPolitix‘ documentaries on International Marxism, The Paris Commune, and the Frankfurt School).

The founder of BLM herself openly identifies as a Marxist and is involved with labor movements.

ANTIFA, which is a big-finance-backed Communist paramilitary group LARPing as a decentralized “grass-roots” anarchist movement, is heavily involved with the organization of BLM protests. This is not to say that African Americans aren’t capable of “protesting” of their own accord, but that they have certainly received organizational assistance.

Other Communist organizations are also involved:

Of course, the Marxism of Black Lives Matter and related cultural movements is simply a continuation of the Marxist agendas of yesteryear, as demonstrated by the international Communist support for historic anti-racist movements. The USSR and Communist China were both heavily involved with destroying the White countries of Southern Africa. The Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army and Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army of Rhodesia were trained and armed by the USSR and China, respectively. The USSR in particular played a colossal role in destroying South Africa. Their involvement continued even after, according to Eurasiaphilic ‘Third Positionists,’ the USSR “became based” by “purging all of the J*ws in the 1950s” (neither of those things actually happened).

Vintage Soviet anti-racism posters:

(You may need to open this image in a new window to read the text):

The specter of Communism continues to haunt the West, and it currently has more support than ever — whether people are actually aware of this fact or not is another matter.

The entire Global System now rallies behind the Western Marxist ideology that was pioneered by the Frankfurt School & Friends in the first half of the 20th Century. Every major corporation on the planet has thrown their support behind these Neo-Marxist cultural movements.

In reality, these corporations are in the hands of a select few billionaire elites from “think tanks,” such as the Council on Foreign Relations. Of course, all of these so-called “think tanks” have incredibly close ties to the United Nations cabal, and the financial shadow government of the world.

Just as Mikhail Bakunin warned of the unholy alliance between Marx and Rothschild, today we see the same Ultra-Capitalist x Ultra-Communist alliance rearing its ugly head once more.

Marx and Rothschild were cousins, descended from the same lineage of moneylenders and international financiers.

The Bolsheviks were also funded by an array of finance capitalists and “secret society” spooks, among others:

  • Jacob Schiff, Kuhn, Loeb & Co. (the gang who founded Federal Reserve)
  • Alfred Milner, a Balfour declaration signatory and Rothschild employee.*
  • George Buchanan, the Russian ambassador who “failed” to exfiltrate the Romanov family before they were massacred by Bolsheviks.*
  • Nya Banken / Olof Ashberg, founded USSR’s first international bank, Roskombank/Vnesheconombank/VEB

    * Sources: Trotsky, “My Life” & Arsene de Goulevitch, “Czarism and Revolution”

For additional info, see section titled ‘APPENDIX: Marxism and International Finance’ in this article.

7. This Won’t End Well

We’ve already seen how this story ends countless times before. Look at South Africa, look at Zimbabwe, look at Haiti, look at every Communist regime in history.

More importantly, take a good look at all of the images below from the recent BLM “protests.” This is the future you have to look forward to.

They will use “dey wuz racist” as the excuse to erase every single one of your peoples’ monuments, every piece of artwork, every beautiful building, every book ever written; this will won’t stop until all evidence of your peoples’ culture and history has been expunged from the earth.

Note that the Tweet below is based on the ‘Systemic Oppression’ theory of Western Marxism, whereby the standard Marxist theory of oppression (‘Proletariat vs Bourgeoisie’) is re-modeled to ‘Multi-Racial LGBT Coalition vs Straight White Patriarchy.’

Same situation with this Ben & Jerry’s Tweet.

When they say the above, what they mean is the below. This was never about “equality.” Millions of people in the West have been instilled with a revenge complex against the White world. Their blood-lust will never be satiated, and they will never appeased, regardless of how much Whites grovel and apologize.

The story so far, pre-2020:

8. Conclusion

The most important thing to take from all of this is that the BLM riots of 2020 mark a distinctive paradigm shift. The System is consciously discarding the pretense that their aim is to create a happy and peaceful multi-racial utopia. What little remained of the so-called “Liberal” mask of the System is rapidly slipping away to reveal what always lay beneath: anti-White Bolshevism.

This is no longer about “racist” statues, “racist” paintings, or “racist” books. We are now entering the final stages of this zero-sum game. Purely by the design of the System, what was once a racial cold war is rapidly becoming hot. They’ve slammed both feet on the “White extinction” pedal, just as they did in South Africa.

How do you think life is going to be when we’re a minority? Do you think that the Brown-Rainbow Coalition, who have been gaslit by decades worth of crypto-genocidal anti-White propaganda, will hold up their hands and say “Alright, we’re equal now, enough is enough”? Don’t count on it.

We are the last generation of a White majority in the entirety of the Western world. Things are going to get very un-cozy in the very near future.