Debunking Race Denialism

An article series debunking common race denialist narratives. You can browse the post tag here, but the recommended reading order is as listed below.

Recommended reading order

Race 101: What is taxonomy?
— Explains the building blocks of biological classification, the science of classifying organisms

Race 101: Genetics glossary
— A list of basic terminology that will be used throughout the article series

Is there a “Scientific Consensus” on the Existence of Human Races?
— There is a scientific consensus, but not in favor of race denialism

The Genetic Validity of “Race”
— Everything you need to know about the genetic validity of race, including visual representations of genetic data

Defining and Identifying “Race”
— Explains the basic criteria for defining and identifying races. An extract from the “Pancake Fallacy” article

Clines and Continuum Fallacy: “Race is a spectrum, therefore race not exist”
— Short article debunking the most idiotic race denialist argument

Lewontin’s Fallacy Explained and Debunked: “More genetic variation within races than between them”
— A more complex article breaking down Lewontin’s Fallacy in layman’s terms. Sounds convoluted, but is actually relatively simple

Pancake Fallacy: “All races are mixed therefore race does not exist”
— Debunking one of the more annoying race denialist arguments. Also breaks down the processes of defining and identifying racial groups, and touches on “melting pot” and “nation of immigrants” arguments

Transracial Fallacy: “Two people of European descent may be more genetically similar to an Asian person than they are to each other”
— Debunks one of the most insane race denialist arguments

“All humans 99.9% genetically identical, therefore race isn’t real”
— Debunking one of the most renowned race denialist arguments

Mythbusting: Is Race “Only Skin Deep”?
— Extremely short article running through some basic arguments against the “race is skin deep” myth
[Not the greatest article, will be improved at some point]

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