Russia is still quietly chugging towards the totalitarian soy state…

Russian health minister shills digital identity to keep track of “all the vaccinations of each individual person throughout his life”:

Russia ahead of the West on implementing Central Bank Digital Currencies [an important part of the digital identity / social credit system]:

Deputy chair of Russia’s central bank claims that all “self-respecting” countries will have a CBDC within 3 years:

Russia has laid the technological groundwork for a social credit system by creating digital profiles of people based on their social media presence:

Sber (Russia’s biggest bank) committed to the UN’s ESG agenda:

Kremlin and various Russian state apparatus still have scamdemic restrictions:

Vaccine mandates return for Moscow cops because state wants “100% immunity” among police force; they’re banned from vacation without proof of “vaccination”:

Hospitals stopped enforcing face masks, so the government mandated them:

Face masks may return in Russian malls:


I stole all of this info from You should follow them if you have Telegram. Seems like a good channel for technocracy news in Russia.