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Note: this article was typed up very quickly, so may contain some minor errors. If you see any mistakes, or think that I have missed out some important information, please email thuletide@protonmail.com or find me on Twitter to let me know.


– Added Addendum 01. 2019 Congressional Hearing on White Nationalism.
– Grammar, spelling, typos, all Sections.
– Added additional infographics in Sections 01 and 05.
– Added Important note on “Supremacism” within section 01-A.
– Added Addendum 02. Anti-White Propaganda Exposé.
– Grammar.

Important update:
U.S. Department of Home Security officially declares White Nationalism to be a form of “T*rrorism.”

Functionally, what does this mean for us? Well, if you’re an accelerationist, it means very good things.

It means that the Founding Fathers would be officially classed as t*rrorists who are a threat to the United States.

It means that even non-Whites who are pro-White can be declared a t*rrorist threat, as the FBI defines being a “White Nationalist” as being “Pro-White.”

It means that a hearing (detailed in Addendum 01. of this article), which was headed entirely by Jewish Nationalists (all strong supporters of Israel) and non-Whites who are all activists for their own races, declared that Whitey is banned from their nationalism club. Nationalism for me but not for thee.

It means that a hell of a lot of White normies are going to be asking questions, with some prompting.

Of course, it also means we’re all probably going to get fucking vanned and thrown into FEMA camps, but that was going to happen anyway, and probably in a far more subtle way than this. This is blatant. These morons have far overstepped the mark, as usual.

Gotta go fast, I say. Every cloud has a silver lining.

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http:// archive.vn/wA5oQ

FBI: https://web.archive.org/web/20190831053844/http://s3.documentcloud.org/documents/402521/doc-26-white-supremacist-infiltration.pdf

H. RES. 41, Congress:



00. Introduction.
01. Media Narrative Hypocrisy.
01-A. Nationalism (as Defined by the ADL).
01-B. Why Nationalism is Important.
02. Mass Shooting and T*rrorism Statistics.
03. Interracial Violence Statistics.
04. General Racial Crime Statistics.
05. Gun Regulation Debunk Statistics.
06. TL;DR Summary.
07. Conclusion: A few Words on “The Great Replacement”, White Genocide and the Ever-Worsening Conditions Within White Countries.
Addendum 01. 2019 Congressional Hearing on White Nationalism.
Addendum 02. Anti-White Propaganda Exposé.


This article is purely factual, based almost entirely on 1) presentation of media articles as they are, and 2) analysis of statistical evidence provided by government and law enforcement bodies. It contains zero (so-called) “Hate Speech” (except for evidence of anti-White “Hate Speech”, which apparently doesn’t count anyway). Additionally, this article will NOT ADDRESS FALSE FLAGS or propagate (so-called) “conspiracy theories”. Delving into whether shootings are real, fake, false flags, hoaxes, psyops, etc., is not necessary for this argument.

00. Introduction.

We’ve all seen the System’s recently coined anti-White narrative:
“Whites who refuse to embrace their own ethnic cleansing are t*rrorists by default.”

It is absolutely everywhere, promoted by near enough every media and social media company operating in White countries, be they “Left-Wing” or “Right-Wing”. Subsequently, the narrative has gained a lot of traction among self-loathing Whites and anti-Whites alike.

The narrative is complete nonsense, of course, based on skewed statistics and hyperbolic media propaganda. Fortunately, the System’s puppet governments and organizations that are responsible for propagating this narrative were kind enough to provide us with sufficient evidence to debunk it, by way of their own crime statistics. More fortunately still, the System’s media organizations have blessed us with insanely biased and hypocritical coverage with regards to White t*rrorism vs non-White t*rrorism (Muslim t*rrorism, generally speaking).

This article will provide you with all of the information and statistics necessary to debunk this most sinister of anti-White narratives.

01. Media Narrative Hypocrisy.

The way that “our” media reports on and responds to White and non-White mass shootings and t*rrorism is so brazenly biased that even total normies often complain about the hypocrisy.

According to the narratives of rabid anti-White Leftists and globalist overlords, the media’s mass shooter reporting formula is: “White shooter = mentally ill, brown shooter = t*rrorist.” While this may true in some cases, the prevailing media narratives when reporting on these cases are as follows:

Non-White t*rrorist/shooter killing Whites:
“We must protect [group responsible for the killing] from vicious racist backlash.”
“Not all [group responsible for the killing]!”
“This is just revenge for [X war waged in X country], and totally understandable.”
“We need unity and understanding at this time of suffering.”
“Don’t look back in anger.”
– Implementation of laws to provide additional support or protection for [group responsible for the killing].
– Whites who criticize [group responsible for the killing] on social media are arrested by police.
– Possible mention of gun regulation, but probably not.
– Memory holed ASAP.
– (Hashtag Pray4[X Country] and social media profile picture flags have long been abandoned).

White t*rrorist/shooter killing non-Whites:
“We must protect our precious minorities from these evil racist villains.”
“All Whites are responsible for this.”
“We must ban or restrict [all / X type of] firearms.”
“Evil Whites need to learn to embrace diversity.”
“White Supremacy must be destroyed!” (see 01-A *¹)
“White nationalism must be destroyed!” (see 01-A *²)
“Whiteness must be destroyed!” (see 01-A *¹)
“White Genocide / The Great Replacement is a conspiracy theory, you racist.”
“We need the death penalty for hate crimes” – Donald Trump, 2019.
– Implementation of laws to further suppress Whites (e.g., “Hate Speech”).
– Increase of censorship of White voices.

White t*rrorist/shooter killing Whites:
– Gun control.
– Still blame “White Supremacy” for some reason (see: Las Vegas and every other White shooting).

Non-White t*rrorist/shooter killing non-Whites:
– Memory holed ASAP, the public doesn’t need to know about this.

(Lots of UK articles here, but they have the craziest laws and the most oppressive police state).

Alongside these ridiculously biased responses (again, it is extremely important to emphasize that these responses come from both “Left-Wing” and “Right-Wing” media sources – both wings belong to the same bird), the media also regularly publishes completely farcical and fabricated claims, supported either by bogus statistics, or no statistics at all. For example:

“Why are Whites more likely to be mass shooters?” (See below).

To disprove the System’s claim that White males are hugely over-represented in “mass shootings”, we must investigate US and global per capita racial crime statistics, in addition to the System’s definition of “mass shooting”. For this data, see Section 02.

A prime example of the anti-White media’s insanely biased reporting was their coverage of the recent quick-succession trio of completely unrelated shootings (Gilroy Garlic Festival, Dayton, and El Paso) as a collection of “White Supremacist” t*rror attacks. In reality, only one culprit was a probable White Nationalist.

– The Garlic Festival Shooting was committed by a half-Iranian who repeatedly posted on social media that he hated White people.
– The Dayton Shooting was committed by an anti-White Satanist who was a member of ANTIFA (and also posted on social media that he hated White people).
– The El Paso Shooting was committed by an anti-immigrant Trump supporter, and the only probable White Nationalist of the three.

Even when the shooters openly hate White people and/or White Nationalism, the White Nationalists are still somehow culpable for the shooting.

(Please note: though there is much suspicion surrounding the legitimacy of these shootings, mainly Garlic and El Paso, for the sake of this argument, we will assume that all three involved no government or spook agency funny business).

01-A. Nationalism (as Defined by the ADL).

What is “White Supremacy”? Firstly, it should be made clear that according to our enemies “White Supremacy” and “White Nationalism” are interchangeable, equivalent terms. According to college professors, “White Supremacy” is inherent in “Whiteness”, and the only way to rid the world of “White Supremacy” is to “destroy Whiteness”. How does one “destroy Whiteness” without eradicating White people? Surely “Whiteness” is inherent to our nature and DNA? The System’s goons still haven’t explained this theory in an intelligible, non-psychobabbled way, and they probably never will; their only aim with this drivel is to cause confusion and deconstruct Whites’ sense of ethnic and racial identity.

What is “White nationalism”? The extremely evil idea that the various White ethnic groups of the World should have a safe and secure, autonomous homelands, as possessed by pretty much every other race and ethnos/nation on the planet. Leftoids and other System drones are particularly hypocritical with regards to nationalism, often supporting the right to autonomy of various non-White ethnic groups around the world. See, for example: Tibetans, Kurds, Yemenis, Palestinians, and so on. Disclaimer: there is nothing wrong with this belief, the aforementioned people deserve autonomous, safe, and peaceful homelands – the problem is that Whites are not afforded the same privileges and support. Many, if not all, of the self-loathing Whites who vehemently support Palestine, for example, are equally as vehement in their support of open borders for Whites and “diversifying” White civilizations. They are blind to their own hypocrisy; their minds are completely warped by the relentless anti-White propaganda bombardment.

Important note on “Supremacism”:

According to Wikipedia, “Supremacism” is the desire to dominate and subjugate, and thus rule over other races. This would require a multi-racial civilization and is quite literally the exact opposite to what White Nationalists desire.

White Nationalists: “I want you all to leave my homeland immediately.”
Geniuses: “OMG this is SUPREMACISM!!!”

In what world could “please go away and leave me alone” be construed as “I wish to subjugate you as a master dominates his slaves”? Just remember never to expect any consistency, rationality, or logic from our enemies, as they abandoned all of those long ago.

(Wiki: http://archive.vn/KypIq)

The Law Dictionary Definition of “Nation”.

For those who don’t know, a NATION is a biological grouping: a racial or ethnic group. The word is Roman, and cognate with the Greek word “ethnos”, from which “ethnicity” is derived. A nation is NOT a COUNTRY (a plot of land), nor is it a STATE (a governing body or politically defined territory). The Nation (ethnic/racial group) creates both the Country and the State. Words are important, learn to use them correctly – our enemies intentionally warp and muddy definitions to bamboozle for political purposes.

Nationalism, as defined by the Anti-Defamation League and other Zionists (Jewish Nationalists).

The ADL is a Zionist (Jewish Nationalist) organization founded by B’nai B’rith (the oldest Jewish ‘masonic’ lodge) in 1913. The Federal Reserve was also founded in 1913 but that’s purely coincidental. Below is their definition of Zionism AKA Jewish Nationalism.

Despite being an openly nationalist organization itself, the ADL really hates White Nationalism, and is a chief purveyor of the “White nationalism = White supremacy = t*rrorism = bigotry = extremism” narrative. See below:

01-B. Why Nationalism is Important.

Why is nationalism important? There are many reasons, spiritual, cultural, political, etc.; however, the biological/ecological justification is the baseline: culture, religion, and politics do not matter if your people do not exist to create and practice them.

The following statements are undeniable:
1) A human society is an ecosystem.
2) Humans are not exempt from the Laws of Nature.

Thus it follows that a “diverse” human society (which, according to the System, means “multi-racial” or “multi-ethnic”) translates to: multiple closely related strains / races / subspecies / etc. (S/R/Ss/etc)*¹ competing for resources and power within closed ecosystems*².

According to many, many studies, this scenario always results in the extinction of one or more of these closely-related and competing S/R/Ss/etc within the respective ecosystem. Most often, this scenario results in only one of the closely related S/R/Ss/etc surviving. To put it in gamer terms, these situations are, more or less, an ‘elimination deathmatch’ (which is probably appropriate terminology considering that they almost always result in violent clashes between the different S/R/Ss/etc).

*¹ Pick whichever definition mainstream science feels like using today, the argument remains the same.
*² Globalized trade and ‘magically’ appearing mail-order items do not equate to an open ecosystem, all resources are dependent upon the local state-system, and the human biological groupings within these closed ecosystems are actively competing for power and control over these state-systems.

02. Mass Shooting and T*rrorism Statistics.

PLEASE see MEGA.nz folder for high res download of all images used and more:

Before investigating statistics, we must address the System’s stereotypically weaselly definition of “Mass Shooting”.

According to the FBI, a “mass murder” is any murder in which “a number of murders (four or more) [occur] during the same incident, with no distinctive time period between the murders” (http://archive.vn/g19c).

According to the US Congressional Research Service, a “mass shooting” uses the same definition as the FBI’s “mass murder” (four or more individuals killed in quick succession), except the victims must be selected indiscriminately (http://archive.vn/iyCRD) .

Do you see what they did there?

As per this definition, a quick-succession shooting of multiple targets selected discriminately does not count as a “mass shooting”, despite fitting the legally accepted definitions of a “shooting” and a “mass murder”. This sneaky definition effectively enables the System to circumvent “problematic” statistics that counter their anti-White narratives, such as the extremely prevalent Black-on-Black gang mass shootings (which vastly outnumber White mass shootings).

Does (in)discriminately selecting targets make the mass murder/shooting better or worse in the eyes of the System?

^ Yep, apparently this doesn’t count.

Mass Shooting statistics:

If we use the sensible definition of “mass shooting = mass murder (FBI classification)”, then the statistics tell a very different story to “White males = biggest t*rrorists”. Please pay attention to the dates, and as with everything on the internet, make sure that you verify the data yourself – do not blindly trust any information (even information included in my based articles).

T*rrorism statistics:

03. Interracial Violence Statistics.

PLEASE see MEGA.nz folder for high res download of all images used and more:

The System’s controlled and corrupt media, political, and educational institutions would have you believe that “Evil White Nationalists are rampaging around, brutally slaughtering poor ‘People of Color’ victims in viscous, unprovoked t*rror attacks!” is a fair and accurate representation of the interracial violence within the (formerly White and now “Diverse”) societies of the West.

While it is undeniable that there have been instances of White Nationalist t*rror and violence towards non-Whites, statistics released by the System’s own agencies prove the aforementioned narrative not only to be a complete myth, but a polar inversion of reality. In short, interracial violence (per capita) is very, very biased against Whites, in every single multi-racial country (that I have checked on).

Disclaimer for idiots and federal agents: I am not suggesting that non-Whites deserve violence or t*rror attacks done unto them because of their lop-sided violence towards Whites, I simply aim to illustrate that the prevailing, anti-White narrative is utterly false, and that Whites are victims in the majority of White vs non-White interracial violence cases.

04. General Racial Crime Statistics.

PLEASE see MEGA.nz folder for high res download of all images used and more:

As you may have already inferred from the above statistics, within White/non-White multi-racial societies, non-Whites are hugely over-represented in crime of almost all natures. To supplement the above arguments, I will include racial-based crime statistics from various White/non-White multi-racial countries, and other countries around the World. The observant among you will notice very clear, repeated trends (13/50).

Crime rates in homogeneous, non-White countries generally match the crime rates of their diaspora populations that live in White/non-White multiracial countries; for example, the homicide rates in Sub-Saharan Africa match those of African Americans.

Typically, Leftoids and other System drones (MAGApedes etc.) will come out with a wide array of insane and circular-reasoning-based arguments to explain this colossal over-representation; “it’s oppression”, “it’s economic”, “it’s education” – all of these copes can and have been statistically debunked, though I personally do not have many of these statistics in infographic form to share.

05. Gun Regulation Debunk Statistics.

PLEASE see MEGA.nz folder for high res download of all images used and more:

After every *White* mass shooting or t*rrorist event, there comes the inevitable “GRAB THE GUNS” cry from the NPCS. The below statistics debunk the “no guns = no mass shootings” and “no guns = low murder/violence rates” arguments.

Below are the most important images.

Homicide rates correlate with “Diversity” (non-White populations), NOT gun ownership. This is completely in line with all racial crime statistics presented in this article.

Important reminder: “legal” vs “illegal” immigration a false dichotomy. The “legality” status, which is decided by our occupied and traitorous governments, of a foreign individual living within your homeland is completely irrelevant. One million illegal Mexican immigrants is functional identical to one million legal Mexican immigrants. Don’t fall for the sophistry.

Whites own the most LEGAL guns.
Non-Whites are the most supportive of banning and/or restricting guns.

06. TL;DR Summary

01. Media Narrative Hypocrisy.
Media narratives with regards to White/non-White mass shootings and t*rrorism are extremely biased against Whites, to the point of total insanity. They should make anyone sit up and pay attention when the two are contrasted side-by-side.

01-A. Nationalism (as Defined by the ADL).
Our enemies use “White Supremacy” and “White Nationalism” interchangeably, but according to the ADL’s own definition of “Nationalism”, it is nothing more a movement to establish or maintain a self-determined, autonomous homeland. A Nation is defined as a peoples, a tangible biological grouping (a race or ethnicity), and not a plot of land (country) or an abstract governing body (state).

01-B. Why Nationalism is Important.
Nationalism is important because humans are animals bound to the Laws of Nature, and, as per these Laws, closely related strains / races / subspecies / etc. competing for resources within a closed ecosystem will always result in the extinction of multiple strains / races / subspecies / etc., generally leaving only the strongest competitor remaining. In ecological terms, this is known as “biodiversity loss”.

02. Mass Shooting and T*rrorism Statistics.
The System has sneakily re-defined “mass shooting” in a manner that enables them to exclude vast swathes of killings that fit both the legally accepted definition of “shooting” and “mass murder”. These tactically-omitted swathes of killings mostly go against their own anti-White narrative (e.g., black-on-black gang violence, which makes up the majority of mass murders). When using a more accurate definition of “mass shooting” (the FBI’s “mass murder” definition), we can see that Whites are actually colossally under-represented in every single statistical study conducted. Whites are also colossally under-represented in t*rrorism around the world, despite the fact that shitlibs wish to re-define t*rrorism to include shitposting (see the utter retardation that is “stochastic t*rrorism”).

03. Interracial Violence Statistics.
Counter to the System’s narrative that Whites are evil t*rrorists who rampage around murdering non-Whites, who are peaceful collective victims that do nothing in return, the System’s own statistics prove that Whites are overwhelmingly the victims in cases of interracial violence between Whites and non-Whites, by a very large margin.

04. General Racial Crime Statistics.
When comparing racial crime statistics from around the globe, very clear patterns emerge. Individual races appear to have consistent crime rates regardless of which country in the world individuals from said races inhabit. Crime rates in homogeneous, non-White countries generally match the crime rates of their diaspora populations living within White/non-White multiracial countries; for example, the homicide rates in Sub-Saharan Africa match those of African Americans. We find that in almost all cases within mixed White/non-White multi-racial societies, Whites are under-represented in almost all forms of crime, and non-Whites are hugely over-represented in almost all forms of crime.

05. Gun Regulation Debunk Statistics.
Gun violence and murder rates do not correlate with gun ownership any more than firearms restrictions reduce murder, violence, or gun crime (they don’t). However, increased (in comparison to White crime rates) gun violence and homicide rates DO correlate directly with non-White areas of the world, be they “Diversified” (multi-racialized) areas of formerly White countries, or homogeneous non-White homelands.

Whites are slandered by the System as hugely disproportionate perpetrators of both violence and t*rrorism when we are unequivocally disproportionately the victims, as proven by the System’s own statistical data.

07. Conclusion: A few Words on “The Great Replacement”, White Genocide and the Ever-Worsening Conditions Within White Countries.

ePLEASE see MEGA.nz folder for high res download of all images used and more:

Whites are told that White Genocide (aka The Great Replacement)* is a conspiracy theory, non-existent, racist nonsense, propagated exclusively by so-called “White Supremacists”. At the same time, we are told that “Diversity” and “Multi-Culturalism” – AKA our own ethnic replacement, or “peaceful” ethnic cleansing (lolcrimestats) – is both hugely beneficial and an absolute necessity if we collectively wish to have any hope of existing in the future.

“Your ethnic cleansing is a conspiracy theory but, for your own good, you better shut up and learn to love it.”

We are told that we need millions of non-Whites in our homelands because it is:
– “Great for the economy” (Who’s economy? We can’t even afford to buy houses now);
– “Great for culture” (An incredible range of restaurants, to replace our destitute museums and art galleries);
– “Necessary due to Whites’ low birth rates” (Why don’t our governments just subsidize White pregnancy instead of subsidizing non-White mass migration?);
– Or, when our enemies are truly backed into a corner, they simply state that we deserve to be ethnically cleansed because our ancestors were “nasty, oppressive, genocidal, colonialist slavers” or some such derivative (as if they were the only men in history to be so).

We are bombarded by anti-White propaganda 24/7 from every media source imaginable; Left-Wing, Right-Wing, Comedy, News, Documentary, Music, the medium is irrelevant, it is all saturated with covert or overt anti-White hatred. Our children are taught to loathe themselves and their race by the corrupt education System. Many of our people are so terrified of social and economic ostracization that they refuse to even mention the issue of race. We are told that the historic atrocities of our ancestors were unique to Whites, while all other races continue to commit the same atrocities today and face zero repercussions for doing so. Our family units are all but destroyed, with divorce rates and single-parenthood skyrocketing. We endure extremely unidirectional violence at the hands of our esteemed new “guests”, while the media gaslights our people into believing that the complete opposite is reality. We are told that we are “privileged”, and thus evil, simply for existing, and forced to attend mandatory “diversity” seminars to repent this original sin. We are told to eat maggots, go vegan, and live in tiny ‘communal cage apartments’ to repent for the sin of “Climate Change”, which we are, of course, told that we are exclusively responsible for. Our communities are flooded with drugs. Our sense of spirituality has been completely eroded. Our suicide rates are skyrocketing. Our wives, daughters, sisters, mothers, and girlfriends get raped, sex trafficked, and murdered en masse, yet our men are too weak and emasculated to even point out the culprits, let alone hold them responsible.

Every day the System’s censorship further reduces our ability to peacefully protest all of the above. In multiple White countries it is completely illegal to even talk about these issues, with perpetrators being branded “Hate Criminals”, and imprisoned or fined for thought crimes.

Is it any wonder that some White men snap under this pressure?

Contrary to the System’s cancerous anti-White narratives and proven by the System’s own statistics, Whites are not violent people. Nor are the White Nationalists, the overwhelming majority of us desire a peaceful solution with no bloodshed, however, the longer these material conditions continue, the more destabilized and violent ALL of society will become. Violence from every race and every ideology will increase exponentially. Nationalists have consistently warned that the inevitable result of a multi-racial civilization is violent chaos. At no point in recorded human history has a multi-racial civilization failed to collapse into chaos and sectarian violence down racial lines. This situation will inevitably cause one of the worst conflicts in human history, and the longer it continues, the worse the conflict will be.

All available evidence proves that the Diversity “experiment” has catastrophically failed to meet the Utopian vision of “Peace, Love, Unity, Tolerance, and Prosperity” that was promised to us by the System. If anything, the further “diversified” our civilizations become, the further we move from this Utopian dream. Further “diversification” only brings us more violence, more hate, more instability, and more poverty. No race of people is content within a “diverse” society, least of all the Whites who are losing their homelands and facing extinction.

Banning or ostracizing not only White Nationalists, but nationalists and separatists of all races from public discourse will ensure a future of chaos and destruction for everyone as these failed multi-racial experiments continue to break down and collapse. Separation into different states, under different autonomous governments is the only way to maintain a happy, peaceful and amicable relationship between races and ethnic groups, as proven by many studies (such as http://archive.vn/KnJeF).

Lastly, a message for any pro-White individuals out there: Do not waste time trying to reason with our enemies, do not waste time attempting to explain any of this to them. They are either already aware of the facts or they simply do not care. In both circumstances, they are dead set on the total extermination of Whites, who are currently, according to the System’s own statistics, the most peaceful and tolerant race on the planet. The most important people are those who have the potential to be sympathetic to our cause, not those who have sank too deep into the System’s propaganda quagmire.

Please back up and spread the information and statistics presented in this article.

* I prefer “White Genocide”, as the functional end of this situation is our extinction, and the process fits the United Nations’ genocide conventions, thus it is a more accurate term.

Addendum 01. 2019 Congressional Hearing on White Nationalism.

In April 2019, US Congress held a Hearing on White Nationalism in relation to the Domestic T*rrorism Prevention Act of 2019 (see image below). The bill calls “white supremacy” and “far-right extremism” the greatest domestic-security threat facing the United States – a pretty audacious claim, considering the t*rror and crime statistics featured in this article.

(Reminder that our enemies use “White Supremacy” and “White Nationalism” interchangeably).


House.gov article:

ADL’s write ups:

Note that ISIS killed more people in one single mass shooting than supposed “White Supremacists” have killed in 16 years. As usual, “per capita” is completely disregarded – the quantity of White Nationalists in the USA vastly outnumbers the quantity of ISIS members, but who’s counting? Not the US government, apparently.

Curiously, there wasn’t a single white Committee member at this Hearing; apparently, Whites aren’t allowed to defend themselves. The Committee was mainly made up of Google and Facebook executives, alongside minority activists. 50% of the witnesses on the committee either directly represent or have strong connections to Jewish Nationalism, and 100% of members could be described as some sort of activists for members of their own race. This included Morton Klein, the president of the World Zionist Organization AKA the World Jewish Nationalist Organization. You really couldn’t make this up. The hearing was overseen by Rep. Nadler, who is also a Jewish Nationalist (Zionist). See below images.

At the Hearing, Eileen Hershenov, Senior Vice President of the ADL (the Jewish Nationalist organization) called White Nationalism a “supremacist”, “domestic t*rrorist” movement. (Again with the conflation of Nationalism and Supremacism).

https://youtu.be/lmbQXBrNa4I?t=4267 about 11:11:00 and http://archive.vn/ig5zC

Her definition of White Nationalism was as follows:
“The Core ideology of White Nationalists, which is a euphemism for White supremacists, is the belief in the imminent extinction of the White race because of a flood of non-White people and other people that they feel are degenerate, all orchestrated, puppeteered by Jews”.

Curiously it doesn’t seem to align with the Zionists’ and ADL’s own definitions of nationalism. What was that again? Something like “Zionism (Jewish Nationalism) is a national movement of self-determination in the land of Israel.”

Very curious indeed.

Their nationalism is simply a movement of self-determination, but our nationalism is on its way to being legally defined as literal t*rrorism, greatly hurried along by Jewish Nationalists. Does this all seem a little bit unreasonable to you? Apparently, the White Phosphorous Nationalists haven’t heard of the phrase “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

What happened during this hearing was a collection of non-White activists and nationalists using warped and biased statistics to justify telling White people that they are evil, dangerous, t*rrorists, and therefore banned from the racial self-determination club.

Thank you, ADL, Google, Facebook, and the US government, very cool.

So what is White Nationalism?
The desire to not go extinct. The desire for safe, cohesive, and autonomous homelands for our people. The desire for the variety of diverse and beautiful White ethnicities of the World to live healthily and happily in peace. That sure sounds like a dream worthy of being classed as t*rrorism to me(!).

Addendum 02. Anti-White Propaganda Exposé.

The below links will take you to a brilliant Twitter thread detailing the media experience of the average 12-20something year old White male. (The media situation is equally as bad for White women, in fact, it may even be worse).

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hnnmnsch/status/1158856108183891969
Backup 1: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1158856108183891969.html
Backup 2: http://archive.vn/5Qw0f