A collection of environmental statistics, maps, and infographics, to help you discern who is doing the polluting. (Spoiler: it’s >95% brown pipo and corporations operating in brown pipo countries).

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This post will feature no analysis, only images. For analysis, see this long article that explains everything you need to know about globalist pseudo-environmentalism: https://thuletide.wordpress.com/2019/08/17/an-introduction-to-globalist-environmentalism/

If you have any data to submit, find me on Twitter here and I will add it to the Mega.nz folder, and this article.

– General
– Air Pollution
– Animal Rights
– Birth Control
– Deforestation
– Demographics
– Plastic
– Oil
– Water


Note (above): You’ll notice that all environmental misdeed align pretty precisely with the above maps.

Note: Non-Whites believe in climate change at a higher rate because they know that climate change equates to more mass migration into white countries and more gibs or “reparations.”

Note: In the past (on Twitter) I have “counter signaled” The Graph (the justification for doing so is below, TL;DR, I do not trust the source at all), however, whether the graph is perfectly accurate or not (likely not) is irrelevant when considering what the graph represents: finite resources rapidly dwindling on an insanely overpopulated planet. It should not be viewed as completely factual, but as a symbol or representation of the inevitable future lying ahead of us. Regardless, it’s still a good visual explanation of a boom/bust cycle.

Air Pollution

Note: per capita, below, is a useless metric for measuring a country’s total emissions.

Note: total emissions is a better metric.

Animal Rights

Birth Control



Apologies for appalling boomer meme below but I’m not going to edit it out.


Oil (peak oil)

Note: Who knows if these asshole oil corporations are telling the truth about quantities of oil or not, as with The Graph, you should not view these as absolute, but symbolic.