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The Communist political strategy from 1917 to 1924 was known as “World Revolution.”

They aimed to establish a totalitarian Communist world government by scamming the proletarian masses into killing off their current ruling elites, and replacing them with a new elite of international-banker-backed Marxists and the horde of social reprobates and criminals that they called comrades.

It was a great irony that the Marxists dubbed the existing elites “bourgeois capitalist oppressors”, considering that many of the Marxists were literally members of the bourgeoisie, and that Communism in practice defaults to oppressive neo-feudalistic oligarchy (the plebs just say “m’party” instead of “m’lord”).

Anyway, almost every single European country experienced a Communist revolution during this period.

However, the World Revolution strategy was a miserable failure everywhere except Russia, which was the last country they had expected it to succeed in. The whole idea of Marxism is that Communism ‘naturally evolves’ from industrial capitalism.

The failure of the World Revolution was almost entirely due to the ultra-nationalistic and socially conservative nature of the “workers of the world” (normal people of Europe). It turned out that the various ethnic groups of Europe didn’t want to be subsumed into the globalist Communist super-state. They weren’t too keen on the rootless “international worker” identity that the Marxists were selling, and they were quite happy to own private property. Unbelievable.

The World Revolution and its failure had three major consequences.

Firstly, European nationalist parties were formed in response to combat the globalist Marxists and the international bankers who supported them. This manifested as various forms of “Fascism” in most countries.

Secondly, Lenin, butthurt at the revolution’s failure, decided to conquer all of Europe by force. He believed that a Communist Germany was necessary to secure the Communist victory in Russia. Since Russia was essentially an agrarian state, Marxist voodoo-science dictated that it couldn’t “do Communism.”

The Bolsheviks attempted to invade Western Europe via Poland, resulting in the Polish-Soviet War, which ended in a miraculous victory for the Poles at the Battle of Warsaw. As a result, Hitler became a huge fan of the Polish commander and Chief of State, Józef Piłsudski, who he regarded as a savior of Europe — especially Germany, which was the Communists’ main target. The Poles were also pretty anti-semitic, which may have influenced Hitler’s positive opinion of them.

  • Side note: German-Polish relations were near-singlehandedly destroyed by Józef Beck, the late Piłsudski’s moronic successor. Beck completely ignored all of Piłsudski’s foreign policy advice and basically did the exact opposite.

Pravda: “Go West! Through the corpse of White Poland lies the way to the World Inferno. On bayonets, we will carry happiness and peace to working humanity.”

Soviet commander Tukhachevsky: “The fate of the world revolution is being decided in the West: the way leads over the corpse of Poland to a universal conflagration.”

Finally, after realizing that the World Revolution strategy was a total failure, the most astute Marxist intellectuals went back to the drawing board to reevaluate their options. They concluded that global Communism could not be achieved through violent revolution, and abandoned the idea that the highly conservative and nationalistic European working class could be used as a vessel for globalism.

Antonio Gramsci, the ex-leader of the Italian Communist Party, developed the theory of ‘Cultural Hegemony.’ In layman’s terms, he observed that elites control society not merely by political means but also through culture that is expressed via non-political institutions; the church, media, colleges, and so on.

Marxist intellectuals from the Frankfurt School and New School for Social Research continued Gramsci’s work, developing new theories of cultural revolution which gave rise to the “New Left” and the ideology of ‘Western Marxism.’ Their focus shifted away from rabble-rousing the working class and towards attacking the very foundations of Western society itself: Morality, nationality, family, marriage, Christianity, and so on.

It’s also worth noting that these Western Marxist New Leftists were supported by globalist capitalists, such as Rockefeller and the aforementioned international financiers, who had already achieved hegemonic dominance in the realm of finance and influenced politics via organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations.

The New Leftists planned to attain cultural hegemony by infiltrating social institutions (particularly schools and colleges) via a strategy known as the ‘Long March Through The Institutions of Power’ — which may have been inspired by the ‘gradualist’ approach of the British socialist Fabian Society, to which Karl Marx’s daughter belonged.

From these positions of cultural influence, Leftists would then rabble-rouse the rejects and freaks of society. By elevating a mob of “oppressed” weirdos to positions of power, while weaponizing their resentment against the norms of society, the New Left could weaken Western states to the point that civilization-wide Communism or Socialism could be established without firing a single bullet. Remember, the sole purpose of Communism is to establish a dictatorial Leftist-Globalist oligarchy. All talk of a “stateless utopian society” is high-level carrot-on-stick bullshittery.

Through this newly developed strategy, “Cultural” Marxism came to dominate every major institution in the Western world, including megacorporations, resulting in “Woke Capitalism” — the fusion of Western Marxism and corporate capitalism.