According to data from this recent Bloomberg article, ~20% of American men aged 25-34 (dubbed “prime age men”) live at home, while ~13% are unemployed NEETs. Men without a bachelor’s degree are twice as likely to live at home and be NEETs than those with degrees.

The article claimed that advances in video gaming technology are a causal factor in these high rates of NEETdom, and suggested that many prime age NEETs may suffer from “serious health conditions,” since half of them are on pain medication.

Here’s what I think is going on:

Men aged 25-to-34 are the young(er) millennials (24 is the zoomer cut-off). They’re basically the last generation that’s old enough to lucidly remember what it’s like to live in a functional society. The comparatively peaceful, idyllic, homogeneous country that they grew up in no longer exists. All that remains is a rancid, soulless, bland, techno-dystopia, that openly discriminates against them, and is increasingly controlled and populated by hostile foreign people. After concluding that this so-called “society” isn’t worth contributing to, they’ve retreated into the realm of escapist fantasy and are loafing around at home, gaming and taking drugs all day. This is what total demoralization looks like and it’s only going to get worse.