It would not surprise me one iota if some dissidents in the West are being paid to shill Russian propaganda. A good example is Charles Bausman, who owns the pro-Kremlin propaganda website ‘Russia Insider,’ which he founded in 2014 to defend the Russian invasion of the Crimean peninsula. In other words, he was shilling Kremlin war propaganda to gullible idiots in the West. Bausman is reportedly financed by Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofeev, who is sometimes called “Putin’s Soros” (source). Malofeev also funds Russian separatists in Ukraine and founded/funded Aleksandr Dugin’s thinktank ‘Katehon,’ which is dedicated to subverting gullible idiots in the West, and the television channel ‘Tsargrad,’ which hosts Dugin’s TV show (source). Alexander Borodai, the former prime minister of the Russian separatist Donetsk People’s Republic, worked as Malofeev’s public relations consultant (source).

I’ve been talking about the weird Alt-Right and Identitarian links to Aleksandr Dugin for years and it seems that Charles Bausman may provide the missing link between the Alt-Right and the Kremlin. But, before we get into that, here’s some necessary context on Aleksandr Dugin, for those who aren’t familiar (taken from this article):

Dugin’s ideology can be summarized as Neo-Eurasianism combined with Third Worldism and thinly veiled anti-White hatred. Basically, he wants Russia to establish a Neo-USSR, which will span the entire Eurasian continent and be, in his words, the “empire of the end times.”

Dugin has many links to high-ranking Russian officials and is likely a Russian foreign intelligence agent. His father was a colonel-general of Russia’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU), which was founded by Leon Trotsky’s deputy and is essentially the Russian military’s CIA. As such, most of Dugin’s antics are dedicated to subverting foreign political organizations (both Left- and Right-Wing), attempting to get them on board with the Eurasianist agenda. This is why his writing often seems schizophrenic and contradictory; he is a man of many ideological masks. Again, what he actually believes in is creating a Neo-USSR, combined with occultist and eschatological mumbo-jumbo.

A major aspect of Dugin’s ideology and strategy is causing as much chaos in foreign countries as possible, symbolized by his own emblem, the satanic chaos star sigil. As he wrote in Foundations of Geopolitics:

“[Russia should] introduce geopolitical disorder into internal American activity, encouraging all kinds of separatism and ethnic, social and racial conflicts, actively supporting all dissident movements – extremist, racist, and sectarian groups, thus destabilizing internal political processes in the U.S.”

Foundations of Geopolitics was used as a textbook by the Russian military Academy of the General Staff and it was co-drafted by Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov, head of the Russian Ministry of Defence.

The chaos sigil was used as a logo by the Traditionalist Workers Party, whose leaders (such as Eric Striker) went on to co-found TRS’ National Justice Party. Dugin reportedly delivered a congratulatory speech at the TWP’s founding conference.

Back to Bausman:

The National Justice Party, co-founded by leaders of and the openly Eurasianist Traditionalist Workers Party, hosts events at a barn owned by Charles Bausman. The five-acre property was purchased by Bausman for $450,000 in 2020 and is also the home of NJP co-founder, Greg Conte (source). Apparently, Eric Striker’s National-Justice website shares a Google Analytics account with Bausman’s Russia Insider and uses the same web code (source). Is Bausman acting as middleman between Kremlin-affiliated financiers and the Alt-Right? It would certainly explain their deranged Duginist ideology.

But just how deep do the Kremlin links go? Eric Striker, NJP’s chief ideologue, was a member of Golden Dawn’s New York chapter, pictured in this 2013 article from the Golden Dawn website (see below).

The Greek nationalist organization is shamelessly pro-Kremlin. In 2014, Golden Dawn published an article titled Golden Dawn in Moscow: We set the foundations of Greek-Russian cooperation after they met with “Russian officials” and Aleksandr Dugin, who they described as “the top advisor for President Putin.” The article stated that “Golden Dawn is a natural ally of Russia, and is fighting American expansionist policies” and that “Greece needs to lead a cultural (and geographical) empire in the Mediterranean region” (imperialism for me but not for thee!). In 2016, the Australian Golden Dawn website stated that “Golden Dawn holds true to its word that should (or when) we take power, to align the Greek state against the Zionists of Washington, and towards our comrades in Moscow.” So, evidently, Eric Stiker has been involved with Kremlin-affiliated circles for a decade or so.

That’s all of the information that I have uncovered on NJP and Bausman so far, but links like this may explain why so many Western dissidents are more dedicated to fellating Putin than they are to stopping the ever-encroaching technocracy. For more information on Alt-Right and Identitarian links to Aleksandr Dugin see this article.

Post Script:

On 03/30/2022, the geniuses at TRS dedicated a small section of their show ‘TDS’ (an abbreviation of “The Daily Holocaust”) to whining about me. You can listen to the relevant section at this link: but here are a few quotes:

[Thuletide is] fake, CIA, Mossad, his job is to make sure you are thinking about anything except Jewish Zionist power. […] He has grafted pro-White onto his pro-Israel, pro-Jew politics… he is a liar, he is your enemy, he is anti-White. […] He says you’re anti-White when you criticize Jews.

I didn’t expect the segment to contain such a phenomenal amount of lies (all of which can be debunked by reading my blog or telegram page for two minutes) but I guess this shows what sort of unhinged and deceitful people we’re dealing with here.