I’ll try to keep this article as short as possible.

1. Globalism is a deeply spiritual project
2. The globalist agenda, summarized
3. Selected supporting evidence

1. Globalism is a deeply spiritual project

People often claim that the globalist project is motivated by purely material goals — the expansion of wealth, territory, property, and so on. While these motivations certainly play their part, the elites behind the globalist project are not one-dimensional, money-hungry materialists. Many of their schemes operate at a massive financial loss and are unpopular with the vast majority of the world’s population. They are always willing to take a financial hit by pushing unpopular agendas because they are implementing an overarching plan that fundamentally transcends the profit motive. They have a well-established, spiritual vision of where they aim to take humanity and how they plan to transform the entire planet. Unfortunately, their spiritual vision is outside the scope of this article, which focuses on real-world political policies. The elites’ deranged metaphysical fantasies will be covered in a separate article in the near future.

2. The globalist agenda, summarized

The globalist project has three basic objectives:

  1. Transforming most of humanity into an amorphous mass of feeble slaves — an entirely new species — who are completely subservient and incapable of overthrowing the elite.
  2. Neurotically micromanaging every aspect of life on earth; humans, animals, plants, natural resources, etc.
  3. Establishing a global government, complete with a one-world religion, currency, etc.

One government, one humanity, one religion, one currency; total global homogenization. In practical terms, these objectives will be achieved via the following strategies:

  1. The destruction of the family, the most basic unit of human social organization and reproduction. Eventually, children will be the property of the state, which will be responsible for raising them entirely.
  2. The destruction of distinct ethnic groups and homogeneous nation-states via mass migration, multiracialism, and the promotion of miscegenation, aiming for the total abolition of race. “In the future, we will all be ethnically ambiguous mixed-race mocha-colored people!”
  3. The promotion of LGBT ideology, aiming not only for the total abolition of sex (“gender”) but to physically transform humanity into an androgynous species.
  4. The abolition of private property and the creation of a UBI-based world economy, in which all property, utilities, etc. will be rented from the globalist order. Global Socialism/Communism, but without the hammer and sickle flags.
  5. The destruction of independent farming and food sources, making people completely reliant upon those offered by the globalist system. Foods will be lab-grown, “eco-friendly,” vegan, and completely devoid of all nutritional value.
  6. The creation of a unified global technocracy for the micromanagement of all worldly resources and organisms. The structure for such a technocracy is already in place via organizations like the United Nations and its various sub-organizations (World Bank Group, Food and Agriculture Organization, Environment Program, World Health Organization, etc.), NGOs like the World Economic Forum, megacorporations, like Google and Amazon, and so on.
  7. The implementation of transhumanism, for the micromanagement of human biology specifically. This process has already begun, with the DNA-modifying COVID vaccines and “digitization” of identity via the UN’s ID2020 scheme and others like it. It’s important to note that transhumanism will not transform the masses into superhuman cyborgs, but techno-gimps whose behaviors, thoughts, and feelings are regulated digitally by some sort of central control network. The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Smart Cities, and Internet of Bodies are all part of the transhumanist agenda.
  8. The creation of a one-world universal religion based on New Age or pseudo-perennialist philosophies that claim all religions should unite as they are all equally true (e.g. see Proper Earth Government: A Framework and Ways to Create It (2005) by UN Assistant Secretary-General Robert Muller, known as “the philosopher of the United Nations”)
  9. Declaring the United Nations as the official world government, superseding the rule of all nation-state governments. By this point, it is likely that nation-states will have been merged into regional, continent-sized super-states, which will likely be achieved via a third world war.

How they plan to finalize this New World Order and tie everything together is anyone’s guess. It may be a slow incrementalist trudge or an explosive crescendo, with massive war, famine, genocide, and disease. It may involve the crowning of some sort of “world prophet” or a messiah figure, who will “save” humanity by bringing “peace on earth.” Either way, religion will likely play a central role.

So, in summary:

  • Abolition of family
  • Abolition of gender/sex
  • Abolition of race/ethnicity/nation
  • Abolition of property
  • Global socialist UBI-based economy
  • Global technocracy for micromanaging all earthly life and resources
  • Transhumanism to regulate human behavior
  • Creation of a one-world religion
  • Declaration of an official one-world government

3. Selected supporting evidence

Below is a selection of evidence demonstrating the institutional push to abolish family, sex/gender, ethnicity/nation/race, and private property, which can be viewed as globalists’ current primary objectives. (Note: More substantial evidence is featured throughout my blog, but these images were on my desktop; this article would be thousands of words long if I listed sources for every claim).

Abolition of the family

Open Democracy, controlled by George Soros’ Open Society.

Prominent Left-Wing media outlets.

Harvard University.

Assorted anti-natalist propaganda (specifically targeting Whites).

Abolition of race and ethnicity

Kalergi, Freemasonic founder of the European Union. Quote from his 1922 work Adel. In his 1925 work, Practical Idealism, Kalergi said that he was approached by the Warburg and Rothschild banking dynasties (the former founded the Federal Reserve) who offered to fund his European Union project along with Bernard Baruch, the personal advisor of fellow Freemasons Winston Churchill and F. D. Roosevelt.

Every modern advertisement, TV series, music video, etc.

National Geographic, owned by Disney.

Various news articles and academic journals.

Abolition of sex and gender

New Statesman, founded by the Fabian Society (British Communists), which was deeply involved with the United Nations project (they claim that they “pioneered the idea”). Julian Huxley, a Fabian and inventor of the term “transhumanism,” the first director of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

European Union.

Partnership for Global LGBTI Equality – founded by World Economic Forum & United Nations.

Council on Foreign Relations: “Biden admin should promote LGBT as a foreign policy priority.”

Abolition of private property, implementation of a Communist-style economy

World Economic Forum (part of the United Nations network, alongside organizations like the World Bank and IMF).

Bloomberg, owned by the 16th richest man in the world.

Big financial firms (such as Blackrock, a World Economic Forum partner company) are buying up all affordable housing.

Plutocrats like Bill Gates are buying up all independent farmland.