NOTE: This article is incomplete. I wanted to finish this up nicely but unfortunately researching this topic takes a lot of time, and I don’t have any to spare. This is a pretty major issue, so it’s important that I feature it on this site, even if it’s only mentioned via a zero-effort one-take article that only coves the bare minimum.


1. Introduction
2. Coronavirus and The Great Reset
3. The Great Reset promo footage
4. So, what the hell is The Great Reset?
5. Related Reading


This is basically the end times. The eschatological goal of globalism is drawing ever nearer.

1. Introduction

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. It’s insane and potentially huge. I’ve never seen the globaloids go this mask-off before. This isn’t just an instance of a few egotistical globalists (e.g., Rockefeller) gloating about secretly creating a world government, this is the entire New World Order, the whole global system, going full mask-off in unison. The IMF, World Bank, United Nations, European Union, and even the British royal family are talking about “The Great Reset.” This is the “New Normal” that you’ve been hearingabout.

2. Coronavirus and The Great Reset

From my research so far, the official narrative is that The Great Reset (TGR) is an “initiative” that was, supposedly, launched by the World Economic Forum. They claim that TGR is a response to the “COVID-19” outbreak, which itself is looking more and more like a completely fake and g*y psyop with every passing day. I guess the tinfoil hat schizoboomers were right, as usual; the entire planet was completely hoaxed by “Coronavirus.” Sure, the virus is real, but it certainly isn’t what we have been told it is.

Before getting into what TGR entails, I think it’s important to point out that everything on the ‘Great Reset’ agenda has been in the pipeline for decades. TGR was by no means planned in response to Coronavirus, and it is by no means being implemented in response to the Coronavirus. Coronavirus is an obvious and very flaccid excuse.

I’m now firmly of the opinion that this Coronavirus shit was a Problem > Reaction > Solution style psyop (to be honest I think I called it as such in my Coronavirus Roundup article, but I’m not gonna go back and check).

Consider that every government around the world did absolutely nothing to prevent the spread of the virus, welcoming it with open arms — or open borders, as the case may be. Now that the virus has spread around the world and fucked up everyones’ countries with stupid lockdowns, the ultra-globaloids have swept in with some weird New Word Order solutions.

Ordo Ab Chao, ‘Order Out of Chaos,’ the motto of the 33rd degree of Freemasonry, the Illuminated tier.

3. The Great Reset promo footage

There’s a lot to TGR. I recommend that you start off by watching a couple of short TGR propaganda films (below). I’ve edited them into a single BitChute video. The runtime is 8 minutes in total but it should give you a general idea about the totality of the project. In stereotypical globaloid style, the videos are completely aloof and offer no real clarification as to what the hell The Great Reset is. This is nothing new, of course. Since the dawn of this chapter of the world government conspiracy in the 1700s, globalists have worked tirelessly to obfuscate their true intentions with endless doublespeak.

EDIT: my shitty ruralite internet is too slow to upload this video before I publish this article, but here’s a couple of links where you can watch a few TGR vids.

In this video an IMF person talks about implementing “Solidarity tax” for “climate change,” aka a white people give money to brown people tax (something I predicted in my article on globalist environmentalism).

British royal family’s vid:

4. So, what the hell is The Great Reset?

Again, my apologies for the sloppiness of this article, but I have a lot of other things to finish, and I’d prefer that this is out there, rather than perfect. I’ll return to this and sharpen it up after I finish everything else.

So, the TL;DR summary is as follows:

They’re using Chinese Bat virus to transition into a new stage of the New World Order.

It basically entails everything that they’re pushing right now, race chaos, LGBT stuff (with a major focus on the T), fake environmentalist climate change bullshit (I’ve already covered that in this article here), mass migration, human rights, etc., etc.

One of the major differences is that they’re now talking about a “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” which seems to indicate the wide-scale implementation of artificial intelligence, 5G, and a transition away from capitalism towards some sort of global communism, whereby all of the means of production are centralized in the hands of a tiny technocratic elite. The Chinese bat plague lockdowns appear to be facilitating this by completely destroying the middle class.

  • Side note: You could, of course, argue that this is “not real Communism”, and that Communism is about workers owning the means of production. And you’d be “technically correct.” But that isn’t how Communism works in reality. It’s literally never been implemented that way and it never will be. Communism is when a small gang of rootless cosmopolitans trick workers into killing the elites of their own race or ethnic group, and replacing them with the rootless cosmopolitans, who are of a foreign ethnic group. It’s basically a sneaky way to demographically replace the elite of a population. Which is why Communism has always been supported by international finance.

Anyway, enough about the Communism. Basically, the global elite seem to be aiming to transition out of Neo-Liberal Capitalism, and they’re certainly transitioning out of this stupid cozy consumerism crap. I think that’s finally run its course and served its purpose of distracting the plebs while the globaloids pull all of this shit.

They’re transitioning to a global digital currency, which will undoubtedly be interlinked with some sort of “social credit” system, a la China. Remember: China has been under their control since their puppet, Skull and Bones Yale-ite Mao, did his shitty Z*G revolution. Perhaps this will be interlinked with Bill Gates microchipping thing? I’m not sure but it makes sense to me that it would be. Again, I’ve already covered this one world currency shit here.

This brings me to my penultimate point: Transhumanism. They haven’t explicitly stated that this is on the agenda, as far as I’m aware, but they have hinted to it. This has been a longstanding goal of the New World Order crew, with their bizarre Kabbalistic aims. Julian Huxley, brother of Aldous Huxley and first director of UNESCO, was the first guy to use the word “transhumanism” in his book “New Bottles for New Wine.” He was also a eugenicist who denied the existence of race and was involved in authoring the UN’s various ‘Statements on Race,’ which set the foundations of modern race denialism on a global scale. Anyway, they’ve been up to this melding-man-with-machine shit for a long time and it’s 100% occultist in nature. I can’t really explain all of it here because there’s so much to go into, but basically, their end game is to “fix the world” (‘Tikkun Olam’) by bringing forth “heaven” on earth, creating the “World to Come,” as they call it. But in Christian terms, it basically involves summoning the AntiChrist. Sorry, that was a pretty shitty explanation but I’m writing this in one take. Everything you need to know is in the montage below (HD here).

  • “For all practical social purposes ‘race’ is not so much a biological phenomenon as a social myth… The unity of mankind from both the biological and social viewpoint is the main thing. To recognize this and to act accordingly is the first requirement of modern man” – J. Huxley

The final major aspect to “The Great Reset” (or the “New Normal”) is world governance, something that they are now talking about openly. They’ve subtly slipped it in as if it’s a completely minor aspect and wouldn’t lead to a total revolution of global politics. Well, I guess it wouldn’t actually lead to a total revolution of global politics, because world governance already exists, it’s simply masked behind puppets. What I mean is that they’re planning to step out from behind the curtain and transition from covert world governance to overt world governance.

Remember: the New World Order was founded before the Second World War had even ended (see below image).

Summary in brief

  • Virus shit is a psyop, they’re using it to transition to the next stage of the New World Order.
  • It involves all of the total c*ncer that they’re foisting upon us at this moment, intensified.
  • They seem to be shifting from capitalism to some sort of weird global communism.
  • They’re implementing global digital currency, which will probably be tied to some sort of social credit system, like China.
  • They’re implementing transhumanism, which will also be tied to social credit, microchipping, and the global digital currency.
  • They’re going mask-off with the one-world-government shit.

Bear in mind that this is only what I’ve gathered from a precursory reading.

This infographic has a list of most things that they’re planning to implement.

Here’s a bunch of related screenshots.

Note the Masonic pyramid that they just had to slip into their Fourth Industrial Revolution video. It basically symbolizes “Illumination,” which may have something to do with this weird eschatological transhumanism bringing-heaven-to-earth shit, now that I think about it. ‘Zohar’ which is the central text of Kabbalah, translates directly to ‘radiance.’ Pretty close to illumination. (I’ll really have to write a piece explaining all of this occult shit at some point).

5. Related Reading

Some additional information that I was emailed:

Also, check out Doctor Deepstate and Apollonian Germ on YouTube. I don’t really know of anyone else talking about this kind of occultist stuff. Robert Sepehr’s book ‘1666’ is worth checking out too.