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This is a short post.

I’ve already covered most of this in my article on Leftism and mental illness, but that article is long and this stuff is buried deep within it.

This data isn’t telling us anything that we didn’t already know, but it’s always good to have it visualized.

Here’s the stuff:

In-group bias by race, White in-group bias by political alignment and by gender

White Leftoids are the most self-loathing, xenophilic people on the planet. Even the most in-group biased (aka racist) White people are less in-group biased (aka racist) than the average Black person.

[Edit: 8/12/2020]

Stance on “majority-minority” demographic shift, aka “Is the ethnic displacement of Whites a good thing?”

White Leftoids believe that a “majority-minority” population (aka majority non-White aka Whites being ethnically displaced) is a good thing.

“Does pro-Whiteness strengthen or weaken the country?”

White Leftoids are overtly anti-White.

Does society need to be made “more equal”?

White Leftoids believe that we must work harder to create “more equality” between Blacks and Whites (this translates to advocating an increase in anti-White policies).

In-group bias by race and political alignment

Non-White Leftoids have higher levels of in-group bias (racism) than non-White Conservatives. The cause of this is twofold:
1. Leftism to non-Whites means more gibs from Whitey and more pampering from the state. Therefore, Leftism is the most pro-brown political stance that brown people can take. (This is the primary cause for this trend).
2. “Conservatism” (or its modern Liberal-Trotskyite bastard form) convinces non-Whites to abandon in-group preference in favor of “pulling themselves up by their bootstraps.” Thus, the least ethnocentric non-Whites are attracted to the (so-called) “right-wing.”

In-group bias (importance of ethnic identity) by race

Jewish in-group bias [Edit: 6/25/2020]

Since the one ethnic group that is overwhelmingly opposed to White people displaying any in-group bias has been conveniently left out of all of these studies, here’s some data [via Sean Last]. Turns out they’re the most ethnocentric, in-group-biased people on the planet. Shocking.

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