They were also transgender, feminist Muslims.

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  1. Introduction
  2. What is a “Viking”?
  3. Brazen misrepresentation
  4. Why they manipulate history
  5. Lies and Leftism
  6. Nonces
  7. Study summary: Key findings
  8. TL;DR Summary
  9. Appendix 1: Study author’s responses
  10. Appendix 2: Saami

1. Introduction

A comprehensive study on Viking Age DNA was released this month. As usual, it has been completely bastardized and misrepresented by the mainstream media, Leftists, Globalists, and the likes (they constitute a singular hostile amorphous mass at this point).

This article provides an unbiased, layman-friendly rundown of the study’s major findings, in addition to exposing the swine responsible for misrepresenting these findings and contextualizing their misrepresentations within the modern political landscape.

Note: Skip to section 7 for the study summary, if that’s all you’re interested in.

2. What is a “Viking”?

‘Viking’ as a noun stems from the Old Norse verb ‘víking’, meaning “marauding, piracy, raiding.” The Norse added ‘-r’ to the end of words to turn them into nouns, so ‘víkingr’ (meaning “raider” or “pirate”) referred to a person who did the ‘víking’ (raiding). Another good example is the Old Norse equivalent of “badass” — ‘drengr’ — which stems from the adjective ‘dreng’, meaning “strong, healthy.”

The study that this article covers is specifically concerned with Vikings (raiders/pirates), and their immediate families, outposts, trading hubs, etc., rather than Viking Age Northwest European populations, in general. Though, these populations were used as references.

3. Brazen misrepresentation

The genetic study conclusively demonstrated that Vikings were extremely ethnically homogeneous, and genetically/phenotypically near-identical to modern Northwest Europeans, who are their direct descendants. The study confirmed everything that we already knew about Vikings, a few theories, and uncovered a couple of new interesting facts. It brought no major surprises to anyone who knows anything about Vikings and European genetics. All in all, it was a very good study.

However, unless you read the paper yourself, you would have no idea that this was the case. According to the mainstream media, the Vikings weren’t “blond, White, European people,” they were “diverse,” “mixed-race,” “People of Color,” who were absolutely not “genetically pure,” and so on. They aren’t exactly known for their honesty and integrity but even I was surprised by the audacity of their lies.

4. Why they manipulate history

Every European ethnic group has suffered the same revisionist attack for the past few decades: Globalists are relentlessly re-writing our histories with complete gobbledygook that isn’t supported by a shred of evidence.

Why they are doing this is no secret, at this point. The “diversity is our greatest strength” phase of globalism is a distant memory of the past, we are fully immersed in the “you deserve to be ethnically replaced as punishment for descending from evil, White supremacist, imperialist, colonizers” phase.

Anti-White propaganda serves two main purposes: Firstly, it serves to bamboozle and demoralize European masses into accepting the importation of millions of overtly hostile people into their homelands. Secondly, it serves to rile up these already hostile peoples into an anti-White frenzy, encouraging them to attack and harm White people.

“Black Power, Kill White People” doesn’t exactly leave a lot to the imagination. What’s going on should be pretty obvious by now: South Africa 2.0 for the entire Western World.

European governments barely even punish or prosecute people responsible for attacking Whites these days. They get a small slap on the wrist, a tiny prison sentence, and a pocket full of free welfare, paid for by the bank of Whitey.

Meanwhile, Whites are thrown in jail merely for thought crimes.

Remember the Swedish “minister of culture and democracy” who ordered Viking artifacts to be melted into scrap?

She also ordered “returning” (invading) ISIS fighters to be “integrated” into Swedish society, which resulted in multiple bomb attacks in Sweden. Unsurprisingly, she hasn’t been arrested for her leading role in these terrorist schemes.

The situation is pretty grim.

5. Lies and Leftism

I’ve seen countless viral Leftist Tweets, each with tens of thousands of likes and retweets, claiming that the Viking genetic study definitively proved that they were Middle Eastern and African “People of Color.” Many of the tweets even linked directly to the study itself, which completely disproves all of their claims.

It’s always worth remembering that one in three Leftists are clinically insane (the other two-thirds are undiagnosed) and that they objectively despise White people, which is why they don’t care if their anti-White propaganda is true or not.

Even if you disproved them by directly quoting the study itself, they would continue to viciously argue their original point, as if you had said nothing at all. These people are deranged ideologues who live in an alternate reality. They cannot be reasoned with.

6. Nonces

This may seem tangentially related, but it’s also worth remembering that the media organizations responsible for pushing 24/7 anti-White propaganda have also been pushing pro-pedophilia propaganda for years.

Obviously, it would be fallacious to accuse everyone who hates Whites of being a pedophile. However, just as there is a strong correlation between political Leftism and mental illness, there is a significant overlap between the “anti-White” and “pro-pedophile” camps.

In a sane society, the people responsible for spreading all of this cancer would be sent on a permanent vacation to Siberia. But we don’t live in a sane society, we live in a sick and evil society, controlled by sick and evil people.

7. Study summary: Key findings

Now that I’ve sufficiently disparaged everyone who disagrees with me, we can move onto the study.

The peer-review process expunged some important pieces of information from this study for “no apparent reason.” So, I’ll be referencing the official release alongside the earlier non-peer-reviewed preprint, which was released a few months ago. The difference between the two versions is insignificant and the overall findings presented in both are the same.

Below: Locations of samples used.

In a shocking turn of events that nobody could have predicted, the study found that present-day Scandanavians closely resemble their Viking-Age ancestors. Except modern Swedes, who were found to be more like ancient Finns and modern Danes and Nords. However, one of the studies’ co-authors wrote in a Reddit post that:

“The result that modern Swedes doesn’t seem to have a lot of “Viking DNA” in them is not correct, but is unfortunately a bias in the selected material for the study (mostly eastern Swedish samples were gathered, not southern who at that time had much Danish in them. And in the North from people with Norwegian heritage).”

In other words, the Swedes also resemble their Viking ancestors.

This continuity is supported by the study’s ADMIXTURE analyses, which demonstrate that there has been little genetic change among Northwest Europeans since the Bronze Age. I.e, the populations have remained consistent and homogeneous. (Extra lines added for clarity)

The study’s principal component analyses demonstrate that all but three Viking Age samples reside within the main Northern Europen genetic cluster (which, again, has barely changed since the Bronze Age).

The outlier individuals were two Saamis and one Scandanavian Hunter-Gatherer (a Mesolithic native European), all of whom fall within the wider European genetic cluster [see Appendix 2].

Although Northwest Europe is highly homogeneous, the Viking Age populations formed uniquely identifiable groups within this wider population. The Vikings were roughly divided into two clusters: Anglo-Danish Vikings (from Britain and Denmark) and Scandinavian Vikings (from Norway, Sweden, and the Baltic region).

The individual groups within these genetic regions (Nords, Swedes, etc.) were also uniquely identifiable, due to their endogamous breeding patterns (mating within ones own ethnic group) that persist to the present day.

However, the Viking Age Danes and Anglo-Saxons were genetically indistinguishable from one another.

The “diversity” of Viking Age populations was limited to outposts and trading centers (described in the study as ‘cosmopolitan centers’), where admixture between neighboring non-Scandanavian European populations occurred (e.g., Brits or Finns).

A tiny number of Scandinavian Vikings had Viking Age Southern European ancestry (“literally Sub-Saharan African!” according to the mainstream media), but the overwhelming majority were of Northwest European heritage, many having genetic continuity with Bronze Age Scandinavian populations.

Northwest European populations did mix with one another to a degree. For example, present-day Nords are 12-25% ‘North Atlantic’ (British), and present-day Swedes are 10% ‘North Atlantic.’ The study stated that “gene flow within Scandinavia appears to be broadly northwards, dominated by Danish Vikings moving into what are now Norway and Sweden.” Everyone was getting

The study also indicated that Vikings may had a concept of “race” and proved that they were selectively exogamous. Vikings in Greenland had British ancestry but no Native American or Inuit ancestry. In other words, they selectively bred with some of the foreign populations that they encountered, but not others.

This matches Norse sagas that racistly describe East Asian peoples as “hell-skinned.” In one of the only recorded instances of a mixed-race Viking marriage, the offspring were described as “bizarre and ugly in appearance.” Obviously, Vikings were not race-blind, open-minded diversity-lovers, as claimed by the mainstream media.

Finally, contrary to the nonsense published by the mainstream media, Viking Age Northwest Europeans were just as blond-haired and blue-eyed as modern Northwest Europeans.

P.S: The PCA below isn’t particularly layman-friendly, but I thought I’d include it anyway. It shows how closely related Viking Age Europeans were to one another and to various Eurasian populations. I’ve added a few additional labels so it’s easier to understand.

8. TL;DR Summary

The Vikings were extremely genetically homogeneous, not diverse, not Black, Middle Eastern, nor North African. They were just as pale, blond, and blue-eyed as modern Europeans, and had strong genetic continuity since the Bronze Age. The only regions of “diversity” in the Viking Age were the cosmopolitan trade centers. Even there, the “diversity” was admixture between neighboring Northern European populations. Vikings selectively interbred with other Europeans, but not Native Americans or Inuits, indicating that they had some sort of concept of race, which is corroborated by various sagas.

9. Appendix 1: Study author’s responses

One of the study’s co-authors recently published a video response, in which he stated that the mass media has “spun” the study by publishing “utter baloney” that misrepresents his work. At the end of the video, he states that “there is a lot of knowledge out there about the Vikings and the history books do not need to be re-written, it’s not like that at all” [minor paraphrasing]. He also included an image of Donald Trump, which I can only assume was done to trigger the Libs.

This author also published a Reddit response that included the following quotes:

  • “I’m one of the co-authors of this study and I have to say I don’t like the way some journalists use clickbait headlines like in this case”
  • “the proof of immigration from the south and east into Scandinavia before the Viking age are most likely Germanic groups returning “home” after some generations”
  • “the different populations seem to have been pretty homogenic”

It’s nice to see that at least one academic isn’t virulently anti-White. Pretty miraculous that he stood up to the mainstream media’s lies. I know for a fact that they’d happily slander him as a White supremacist for doing this. Maybe he doesn’t know that. Good news, anyway.

10. Appendix 2: Saami

Globalists often claim that the Saami are “indigenous Scandinavians,” even though they arrived in Scandinavia after the Indo-Europeans, from whom modern Scandinavians are directly descended. Our enemies do this because many Saami have a slightly East Asiatic appearance, due to their ‘Siberian’ ancestry, which is Ancient North Eurasian (Caucasoid) + East Asian (Mongoloid).

Europeans aren’t regarded as being indigenous to Europe because, in globalism land, White people have no homelands and aren’t indigenous to anywhere.

Due to this Eastern admixture, globalists claim that the Saami are “People of Color” who are “genetically closer to East Asians than Europeans,” which is obviously complete nonsense. Saami are ~75% European and the Whitest “People of Color” in history.

For reference, the Udmurts of Russia (~75% European, ~25% Siberian), who feature on the admixture analysis above, look like this:

Again, they have a slightly Asiatic appearance, but no sane person would ever label them “People of Color”… unless we’re classifying redheads as PoC now? They are a critically endangered minority, after all.

“Science journalists” are nothing more than Leftist propagandists and ideologues. They have no idea what they’re talking about 99% of the time. Either that or they knowingly lie 24/7, which is equally as likely. To these scumbags, the Saami are nothing more than a handy propaganda tool.

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