Someone DM’d me asking about Ashkenazi IQ so I thought I’d upload some old research.

If you don’t want to read a bunch of science stuff and data, the conclusion is as follows: Even in the scientifically implausible scenario that Ashkenazim are not lying about their IQ, their over-representation in the upper echelons of society cannot be attributed to that factor.


  1. Introduction
  2. Jews are an ethno-religious group (i.e., a “race”)
  3. Jewish elite over-representation
  4. The irrelevancy of the 111 IQ claim
  5. The origins of the 111 IQ claim
  6. Ashkenazi IQ scores pre-1960
  7. Lying about IQ scores, who would do such a thing?
  8. Israeli IQ
  9. Israeli PISA and TIMSS scores
  10. The validity of Ashkenazi IQ origin theories
    A. IQ hereditability and environmental factors
    B. Rapid evolution via eugenics
    C. Oppressed into IQ supremacy
    – I. Persecution/Oppression
    – II. Discrimination
    E. Interbreeding
  11. TL;DR summary
  12. Conclusion

“Jews are genuinely over-represented in positions of authority, competence and influence. So, what’s the story? Jewish people are over-represented in positions of competence and authority because, as a group, they have a higher mean IQ. There is no evidence whatsoever that Ashkenazi Jews are over-represented in any occupations/interests for reasons other than intelligence and the associated effects of intelligence on personality and political belief”

— Jordan B Peterson (


It’s often claimed that Ashkenazi Jews have an IQ of between 108 and 115, averaging at 111; which is the highest IQ in the world. As Jordan Peterson said in the quote above, Ashkenazim are hugely over-represented in “positions of competence and authority” throughout society.

The idea that a high IQ race of people would be over-represented in positions of power is a pretty rational hypothesis, after all, why wouldn’t intelligent people be over-represented in areas of society that select for intelligence?

But is everything as it seems?

Is the claim that Ashkenazim have an average IQ of 111 valid and reliable? If so, does this fact sufficiently explain Ashkenazi over-representation?

Let’s find out.

  • Please Note: From here onward, “Jews” or “Jewish” will refer to Ashkenazim unless specified otherwise.

Below: Why IQ Matters

Jews are an ethno-religious group (i.e., a “race”)

‘Jewish’ is a racial group. Within this race, there are three main ethnic groups:

  • Mizrahim; Jews who live in the Middle East
  • Sephardim; Jews who live in North Africa
  • Ashkenazim; Jews who live in Europe (but are not European)

This article is focused on Ashkenazim because nobody makes audacious claims about the IQ of Sephardim and Mizrahim, who have average IQs of 98 and 91, respectively.

Source: Richard Lynn

Jewish elite over-representation

Let’s not beat around the bush here: Everybody knows that Jews are over-represented in every influential, elite aspect of society, be it finance, media law, governance, or whatever.

Despite constituting less than 2% of the US population, Jews account for 35% of billionaires, 25% of Harvard and 27% of Yale undergraduates, and 33% of the Supreme Court.

This trend is found in every White country that contains a Jewish diaspora. So, obviously, something is going on that leads to Jews into positions of power. Is it their massive brains? Short answer: No.

The irrelevancy of the 111 IQ claim

Even if the claim of Ashkenazi uber-IQ is 100% valid, it would not account for their colossal over-representation in positions of power and influence.

To demonstrate this, we’ll calculate how many White and Jewish individuals of their respective populations fit into the “highly gifted” IQ bracket — A Mensa-tier IQ of over 132, or the top 2% of the population.

We’ll be generous and settle for a round 135 IQ. Due to the nature of bell curve distributions, this gives Jews a lenient advantage.

To calculate these populations, we’ll be using this bell curve generator:

The variables we need for this calculation are:

  • Average Ashkenazi Jewish IQ of 111 (108-115)
  • Average White IQ of 100
  • Total Ashkenazi and White populations (within the US and globally)
  • The IQ standard deviation of 15

Using the variables listed above, the bell curve generator calculates the probability of an individual from a population group (of any size) belonging to the ‘135 IQ and above’ percentile of said group.

By multiplying this probability by the size of the population group in question, we can calculate how many members of this population group would belong to the 135 IQ+ percentile.

IQProbabilityPopulationPop. above 135 IQ
Ashk. (USA)0.0548x 5,425,000= 297,290
Ashk. (Global)0.0548x 11,200,000= 613,760
Whites (USA)0.0098x 197,870,516= 1,939,131
Whites (Global)0.0098x 850,000,000= 8,330,000

So, if we trust that the Jewish claims of 111 (108-115) average IQ are completely valid and honest, then there are…

652% (6.5x) more 135+ IQ Whites in the USA than 135+IQ Jews in the USA.

1,357% (13.6x) more 135+ IQ Whites globally than 135+IQ Jews globally.

315% (3x) more 135+ IQ Whites in the USA than 135+IQ Jews globally.

If IQ is truly the deciding factor in this over-representation, then why would Jews be so drastically over-represented when high IQ, Mensa-tier whites outnumber Jews of the same intelligence level by such a large margin?

There are over three times more Mensa-tier Whites in the USA alone than there are Mensa-tier Ashkenazim on the planet. The USA also contains multiple other high IQ populations, such as East Asians (5.6% of US population), who are not over-represented in a way that is remotely comparable to Jewish over-representation.

Even if the 111 IQ claim is 100% true, “we’re colossally over-represented because we’re smarter than you :^)” is a completely invalid claim.

The origins of the 111 IQ claim

Where did the claim of 108-115 Ashkenazi IQ originate, and more importantly, is it reliable?

The most frequently cited studies on Ashkenazi IQ are: Bachman, 1970; Levin, 1977; Levinson,1959; Seligman, 1992; Storfer, 1990; Herrnstein, 1994; Romanoff, 1976; Block, 1977. Almost all of these authors are Jewish, and all of these studies, with one exception, were conducted after the 1960s. Is it feasible that some of these individuals may have had ulterior motives that would lead them to use biased methodology and sample populations, or to report results dishonestly?

In his paper “The Intelligence of American Jews,” Richard Lynn notes that the majority of the post-1960 studies on Jewish intelligence are not reliable for multiple reasons, such as tiny, non-representative sample sizes. J.G. Backman (1970, 112.8 avg IQ) featured a sample size of only 65 Jewish boys, Herrnstein/Murray (1994, 112.6 avg IQ) featured a sample size of 59. M. D. Storfer took a wild guess with 112 IQ, and Kevin MacDonald claimed that Ashkenazim had an average IQ of 117, with an average verbal IQ of 125 — which is, surprisingly, even higher than most Jews claim.

One of the few prominent studies on Ashkenazi IQ that featured a sufficiently representative sample size was conducted by M.E. Backman in 1972, which Lynn regarded as being nationally representative. Jews scored an average of 100.8 IQ split between six factors; verbal comprehension, English, mathematics, visual reasoning, perceptual speed and accuracy, and memory.


  • Lynn, R. “The Intelligence of American Jews.” (2003, online article)
  • Backman, J. G. “Youth and Tradition.” vol.2 (1970)
  • Backman, M. E. “Patterns of Mental Abilities.” (1972)
  • Storfer, M. D. “Intelligence and Giftedness: Contributions of an Early Environment.” (1990)
  • MacDonald, K. “A People That Shall Dwell Alone.” (1994)

Ashkenazi IQ scores pre-1960

In studies conducted on Ashkenazi intelligence before the 1960s, Jews performed worse than Europeans in both IQ and other intelligence tests. See, for example, A.M. Shuey (1942), whereby Jews were consistently outperformed by Northern and Central Europeans (Southern Europeans, not so much).


IQ tests conducted on American Immigrants in the 1920s routinely found that Jews scored below average (sub-100-IQ), and US military IQ tests (Alpha and Beta) conducted during the First World War saw Nordics scoring far above Jews. Also in the 1920s, C. Brigham, a Princeton professor, famously stated: “our figures would rather tend to disprove the popular belief that the Jew is highly intelligent.”

Some Jews have blamed the American IQ testers, who found 80% of Ashkenazim to be “feeble-minded morons,” for increasing the Holocaust death toll, as their IQ data led to Jews being denied entry to the US under the 1924 Immigration Act.


  • Note: The racial data for the 1924 Immigration Act was provided by the American Zoologist Madison Grant. Grant’s lifelong opponent, the Jewish Anthropologist Franz Boas, was indispensable in creating the myth that race is not a biological concept. His students went on to work for the United Nations, where they directed the UN’s racial policies (i.e., denying that race exists and engineering “hate speech” law templates).

The claim of Jewish super-IQ seemingly sprung up from nowhere, unsupported by previous studies on Jewish intelligence. It should be noted that the appearance of this spurious claim curiously coincides with other pivotal political occurrences in the 1960s and early 1970s, such as the legalization of abortion, pornography, divorce, the 1965 Hart-Celler (Immigration and Nationality) Act transforming the United States into an open-bordered multi-racial dystopia, and so on. This is all purely coincidental, of course.

Lying about IQ scores, who would do such a thing?

The Chinese as a people are renowned for rampant cheating and fraud when it comes to intelligence and academic tests of all natures. This is accepted by the mainstream:

How Sophisticated Test Scams From China Are Making Their Way Into the U.S.
The Atlantic, 2016 (

China “Cheats” the PISA Exams
The Diplomat, 2013 (

China is Cheating the World Student Rankings System
Time Magazine, 2013 (

Fraud Scandals Sap China’s Dream of Becoming a Science Superpower
New York Times, 2017 ( – they even cheat at science)

Fake Chinese IQ studies
A detailed blog post (

  • Edit: Someone pointed out that the author of this blog has an Environmental Determinist agenda, which is true. However, the author arguing for the invalid theory of Environmental Determinism doesn’t invalidate the argument that Chinese IQ scores are faked.

Chinese average IQ is likely to be almost a full standard deviation lower than the Chinese claim it to be.

Israeli IQ

A brief look at Israeli IQ statistics indicates that there is at least some degree of swindling afoot. Ashkenazim constitute 40% of Israel’s population, with Mizrahim (91 IQ) and Arabs (87 IQ) making up the remaining 40% and 20%, respectively (collectively averaging at 90 IQ).

Israel’s national average IQ is supposedly 94.
This does not compute:

(111 IQ x 40 / 100) + (90 IQ x 60 / 100) = 98.4 IQ

Either Ashkenazi IQ is actually around 100, or both the Arabs and Mizrahim are considerably less intelligent than existing data implies (with a shared average IQ of 83):

(100 IQ x 40 / 100) + (90 IQ x 60 / 100) = 94 IQ

(111 IQ x 40 / 100) + (83 IQ x 60 / 100) = 94 IQ

When using the upper limit mainstream estimate of Ashkenazi uber-IQ (115), the calculation becomes even more unrealistic. The Arab+Mizrahim IQ drops to an average of 80, which is not at all supported by existing data:

(115 IQ x 40 / 100) + (80 IQ x 60 / 100) = 94 IQ

A study by David and Lynn shows Iraqi Jews (Mizrahi) being only marginally outperformed by Ashkenazi Jews.


The same study also claims that Mizrahim have an IQ 14 points lower than Ashkenazim, though the reliability of this claim is dubious, as it likely originated with the unreliable and biased studies mentioned earlier.

A study on Israeli children from ages 9 to 15 conducted by Kaniel and Fisherman demonstrates that they have a distinctly average IQ of 100 (50th percentile).

(Test variant: Raven’s Progressive Matrices

Israeli military IQ tests demonstrate similar results.


We aren’t entirely sure what percentage of the Israelis tested were Ashkenazi with “111” IQ, or Mizrahi, with 91 IQ, though it is interesting to note that their average IQ is just that – distinctly average. Fundamentally, any IQ data originating in Israel should be treated with the same skepticism as studies on Ashkenazi IQ conducted by Ashkenazim outside of Israel.

Israeli PISA and TIMSS scores

Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) and Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) are globally conducted intelligence studies. In both studies, Israel’s performance ranges from substandard to distinctly average; except for one (totally legitimate) jump from 25th place in the 2007 TIMSS, to 7th place in the 2011 TIMSS, followed by a slide back down the ranks to 16th/19th place (of 39 countries) in the 2015 TIMSS.

Note that these scores place Israel below all Northern European White countries and almost all White countries on the whole. Israel, what’s going on, big guy?

PISA Scores:

TIMSS Scores:

The validity of Ashkenazi IQ origin theories

So, what happened after the Second World War, did the Ashkenazim suddenly become geniuses?

Is it feasible that one ethnic group managed to increase their average IQ by over one full standard deviation, 15+ IQ points, in the space of a few decades? In this section, we will address the most common origin myths for Ashkenazi IQ:

A. Environmental factors
B. Eugenics practiced by Ashkenazim
C. Persecution/oppression (“smart Jews were more likely to survive pogroms/exiles”)
D. Discrimination against Jews by non-Jews (specifically Europeans), i.e., they were “forced” to work in money-lending, exporting, etc.
E. Interbreeding (either with high IQ Europeans in the case of Ashkenazim or low IQ Middle Easterners and North Africans in the case of non-Ashkenazi)

A. IQ hereditability and environmental factors

The heritably of IQ is 0.7 to 0.8, meaning that an individual’s intelligence is overwhelmingly predefined by genetics. Environmental factors can effectively lower IQ levels by preventing individuals from living up to their genetic potential. These include poor diet, lack of mental stimulation during childhood, lack of exercise and physical fitness, etc.; things often experienced by oppressed peoples.

Extremely severe malnutrition can hamper IQ by one standard deviation but, generally speaking, adverse environmental factors hamper IQ by around half a standard deviation (7 IQ points). It’s highly unlikely that the entire US-based Ashkenazi population was malnourished and understimulated to the levels of extreme child abuse. Mass malnourishment leading to lower intelligence on a national scale is a problem almost exclusive to the Third World.

B. Rapid evolution via eugenics

According to the mainstream-accepted ‘Out of Africa’ theory, it took Europeans over 50,000 years of divergent evolution, under extremely harsh environmental conditions (such as the Ice Age), to gain a two-standard-deviation IQ advantage over Sub-Saharan Africans (70 IQ versus 100 IQ).

Let’s pretend that Ashkenazi Jews did, in fact, have an average IQ of 111 before WWII or the 1960s (despite there being no reliable evidence to support this claim and plenty of evidence to disprove it).

This theory demands that we believe Semitic peoples (Mizrahim, who currently have an average IQ of 91) interbred with Southern and Eastern Europeans (who currently have an average IQ of around 95), somehow managed to “evolve” a one-standard-deviation IQ advantage over Northern Europeans and an almost-two-standard-deviation IQ advantage over Middle Eastern Jews, their genetic ancestors, in a mere 1,000 to 2,000 years (if we’re being very generous).

In short, we are expected to believe that the Ashkenazim achieved the same IQ gains as Europeans in one-fiftieth of the time, while lacking the necessary evolutionary selective pressures to do so.

Now, let’s get back to reality: We are actually expected to believe that they somehow made these gains in mere decades. Do you think that is biologically possible for an entire race to increase their average IQ by two standard deviations in such a short splace of time?

Many people, including Kevin MacDonald, have argued that Jewish Talmudic traditions had a eugenic effect on the Ashkenazim, via things such as voluntary reductions in reproduction by low IQ Jews. If this hypothesis were accurate, shouldn’t the Middle Eastern Mizrahim, who practice identical traditions, have experienced this intelligence boost as well?

C. Oppressed into IQ supremacy

One of the most common origin theories for Ashkenazi mega-IQ is that they were persecuted, discriminated against, and oppressed into geniusdom. This is a farcical attempt to retroactively construct some form of evolutionary pressure that could lead to 50,000-year-IQ-leap happening over the course of 1,000 to 2,000 years.

This explanation can be summarized as:
“You were mean to us and it made us super smart, so now we dominate your society as a result.”

It sounds more like a revenge fantasy than a scientific argument.

We will divide this into two parts:

I. Persecution/Oppression:
The idea that the Ashkenazim were somehow pogromed or in some other way brutalized into developing genius-tier intelligence. “Only the smart Jews survived pogroms/exiles.”

II. Discrimination:
The idea that Jews were “forced” (by evil White people, of course) into “high IQ” professions such as moneylending, exporting, trading, and so on.

I. Persecution/Oppression

Can oppression and persecution increase the IQ of a population group? Let’s ask our friend, Global IQ Map, about the “persecuted” and “oppressed” peoples of the World.

Unfortunately, it looks like their countries’ average IQs are so low that the overwhelming majority would be collectively classified as “mentally ret*rded” by law in the United States.

It’s worth noting that the definition of “ret*rded” was revised in 1961 (the eternally recurring decade of subversion), presumably because somebody decided that it was “mean” to call literally ret*rded ethnic minorities “ret*rded.” Before the Decade of Subversion, an individual with an IQ lower than 85 was classified as mentally ret*rded.


According to the standard mainstream paradigm: collective low IQ in the Third World has OBVIOUSLY been caused by mean White people “oppressing them with colonialism and segregation.”

Whether mean White people are to blame for poor Third World living conditions or not is another question. Their own dictators are successful enough at building oppressive societies without assistance, and White colonialists constructed schools and implemented education systems wherever they settled. However, it should be noted that there is no historic record of any society, race, or civilization being persecuted or oppressed into collective supremacy; if anything, the exact opposite is true.

Except for the Ashkenazim, that is. Do oppression and persecution somehow affect them differently from every other species on the planet? Are they biological wonders? Perhaps they really are “God’s Chosen People.”

II. Discrimination

This theory implies that being “forced” (they weren’t forced) to work in areas that often require greater language and mathematical abilities, such as export-import and money-lending (usury), led to Ashkenazim developing their extraordinarily high IQ.

The Mizrahim of the Middle East and Sephardim of North Africa are and were over-represented in these trades, and have been so for many centuries. Yet, their average IQ is almost two standard deviations lower than the Ashkenazim.

Again, we should refer to the mainstream-accepted theories of European/African divergent evolution: Is working in trading and money-lending for 1,000 to 2,000 years an evolutionary pressure comparable to 50,000 years of evolution in extremely harsh environments that selected for intelligence on pain of death?

E. Interbreeding

This theory is generally employed not as an explanation for why Ashkenazim are so intelligent, but as an explanation for why Mizrahim are so unintelligent. Some people (Ashkenazim) claim that Mizrahim breeding with Arabs, whose average IQ ranges from around 82 to 90, lowered their Jewish mega-IQ (111). The Mizrahim, who are native to the Middle East, are almost genetically identical to the surrounding Levantine Arabs, as were the Ashkenazim, before they interbred with Europeans and gained around 50% European ancestry. I personally haven’t seen any evidence for Mizrahi intermixing with Arabs, but it wouldn’t make much difference to their average IQ if they were to do so anyway.

TL;DR summary

Jews are a race. Ashkenazi Jews are one ethnicity within the Jewish race.

Ashkenazim are drastically over-represented within the elite positions of society (the ruling class, law, university, media, government, etc.) There are three times more intelligent Whites in the USA alone than there are intelligent Ashkenazim on the planet. There are also…

  • 652% (6.5x) more 135+ IQ Whites in the USA than 135+IQ Jews in the USA.
  • 1,357% (13.6x) more 135+ IQ Whites globally than 135+IQ Jews globally.
  • 315% (3x) more 135+ IQ Whites in the USA than 135+IQ Jews globally.

The claim of 111 IQ Ashkenazim seemingly sprung up from nowhere, originating with possibly biased but certainly sloppy and inadequate studies conducted primarily by Ashkenazim in the 1960s, and is contradicted by previous studies on Jewish intelligence.

This aligns with other contemporaneous major political happenings, such as the 1965 Hart-Cellar (Immigration and Nationality) Act, which transformed the USA into an open-bordered dystopia.

Remember: the classification for “mentally ret*rded” was greatly slackened shortly before this open borders act was passed (presumably to facilitate the mass influx of literal retards from the Third World into the United States).

Before the Second World War, Americans studying Jewish intelligence concluded that 80% of them were “feeble-minded morons,” which led to Jews being rejected from the USA under the 1924 Immigration Act. Some Jews have implied that this greatly increased the death toll of the Holocaust.

One of the most renowned Jewish opponents to the 1924 Immigration Act, Franz Boas, was responsible for pioneering the myth that race is not a biological or genetic concept.

One of the only representative studies, conducted by J.G. Backman, found that Ashkenazim IQ was distinctly average: 100.8

The Chinese are renowned for rampant cheating and fraud in academic tests of all natures (as well as the eld of science, and basically all other fields too).

Israel’s average IQ of 94 proves that there is at least some trickery afoot; for this average IQ to work out according to the current demographics, Ashkenazi IQ must be around 100, otherwise, both the Arabs and Mizrahim are considerably less intelligent than existing data implies.

Israeli military and school IQ tests display a consistently average 100 IQ.

Israeli PISA and TIMSS scores range from sub-standard to average. Most notably, they are inferior to all White countries, including multi-racial ex-White Third World countries, like the USA.

If we accept the mainstream narrative and disregard the fact that no data proves an Ashkenazi IQ of 111 existed before the Second World War / 1960s, we are expected to believe that the Ashkenazim made the same IQ gains as Europeans in one-fiftieth of the time, with a fraction of the selective environmental pressures.

We are also expected to believe that the Ashkenazim were somehow persecuted/oppressed/discriminated into geniusdom. This has never been replicated in any other race on Earth; they all react in the precise opposite manner when faced with the same stimuli.

The “oppressed” (Third World) nations of the World are so unintelligent that the overwhelming majority would be classified as “legally mentally ret*rded” within the USA. Do oppression and persecution somehow affect the Ashkenazim differently from every other race on Earth?


Even in the scientifically implausible scenario that Ashkenazim are not lying about their IQ, their over-representation in the upper echelons of society cannot be attributed to that factor.