Below is the most simplified explanation of the Western political situation that I could muster. It includes a succinct version and a simple version. I wrote these with new people in mind. Perhaps this may help you explain our circumstances to friend or family.

TL;DR version

Western politics explained in 3 points:

  1. We live under hostile occupation.
  2. Everything the occupier elites promote is designed to tear apart the foundations of a healthy society (family, religion, nationalism, and ethnic in-group preference) to prevent you from organizing a cohesive and strong political movement, and ousting them from power.
  3. Every institution and post-1945 law is designed to prevent you from making people aware of points 1 and 2.

Never forget the wise words of this terrible man:
“The ruling ideas of an epoch are the ideas of the ruling class.”
— Karl Marx, Theses on Feuerbach

The Western political situation, explained simply

We are occupied by a cabal of hostile foreigners, who took control of our society via a covert, slow-and-steady, mostly non-violent conquest, culminating after the end of the Second World War in the world you see today.

They first took control of our money supply, which they used to make traitors of our elites through bribery, entrapment, and so on. They then took control of our media, which they use to mold the minds of the masses and break down resistance to their overall agenda; and our academia, which they use to breed new traitorous elites by way of indoctrination. Through this top-down process of covert conquest, they have attained hegemonic cultural and political domination.

After the Second World War, these hostile elites forcibly opened the borders of every country in Western Civilization (via policies like the American Hart-Cellar Act of 1965) and began importing millions of non-White foreigners into our homelands, specifically from Third World countries. Many of these newcomers are violent peoples with whom Whites have historical conflicts — border disputes, invasions, mutual genocides, etc. — dating back thousands of years, in some cases.

This mass migration is facilitated by: Emotionally manipulative propaganda, global governing organizations like the EU and UN, destabilizing “regime change” wars in the Middle East and North Africa, and the countless plutocrat-funded immigration NGOs, which act as legalized human trafficking networks for so-called “refugees.”

The occupiers have used their dominance of academia and media to indoctrinate Whites into believing that our bio-political in-group literally does not exist — be it White people, generally, or specific White ethnic groups, like Italians or Anglos. They tell us that we are a meaningless “social construct” and that there is only “one race, the human race.”

Simultaneously, they tell us that the overwhelmingly hostile migrants (who apparently do exist) are actually our best friends — our “Greatest Strength,” even — and that we should be very kind to them because our ancestors were very mean to them in the past.

Meanwhile, they tell our non-White guests that all White people are inherently evil (“racist”) and the source of all worldly suffering. They claim that we owe all non-Whites “reparations” for these perceived historical injustices, in the form of land, infrastructure, and other capital. Our elites tell non-Whites that they should resent and hate Whites for this perceived mistreatment; that they should seek revenge through economic, political, or even physical warfare, often encouraging them to attack or even kill us. They attempt to secure the allegiance of non-Whites by promising to assist them in this quest for vengeance.

To prevent White political resistance from forming, they promote nihilism and hedonism to demoralize the masses. Anything required to build or maintain a healthy society is relentlessly undermined and decried as “evil and oppressive.” Through their dominance of media and academia, they attack the family, marriage, religion, and our traditions and culture, using feminism, the LGBT, anti-White propaganda, “Critical Race Theory,” and so on.

The elites’ all-encompassing cultural hegemony has enabled them to engineer a “cancel culture,” whereby anyone who opposes any aspect of their agenda can be completely socially ostracized and exiled from “polite society.” Dissidents are fired from their jobs and made permanently unemployable; they lose their social media access or even their bank accounts; they are demonized in media hit pieces, and disowned by their own families. With new advancements in surveillance technology, this tyrannical social credit system will soon be on par with that of Communist China.

Every societal organ of influence works in collusion to push the same agenda: Activists, politicians, academics, education systems, the media, corporations, big tech, government agencies, NGOs, “think tanks,” etc. all work in unison to form an all-encompassing but semi-decentralized ideological network, that permeates every level of society.

Finally, our hostile elites express their hard power through explicitly anti-White “civil rights” laws, the most notable of which are the European “hate speech” laws that criminalize any and all opposition to the anti-White, Globalist agenda.

Within a few decades, Whites are predicted to become a despised and persecuted minority in every single Western country. If you want a glimpse into that future, take a look at how Whites are treated in South Africa…

…or look at the writing on the wall in your own countries:

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