I blame the Alt-Right and “Third Positionists” for ideologically crippling the Right-Wing. I wasn’t going to write about this shit anymore, but the recent Critical Race Theory business made me realize just how destructive their bullshit was.

Before 2017, the Right-Wing — especially the anon “far-right” — made great progress in exposing the Left’s cultural subversion, their Long March Through the Institutions, and the Marxist lineage of their subversive ideological tools (critical race theory, postcolonialism, sexual revolution, intersectionality, etc.).

These tools are broadly categorized as “cultural studies” and form the theoretical underpinning of the Left’s relentless attack on White people, which they frame as a never-ending “critique” of White culture.

Look up “Cultural Marxism” on YouTube and you’ll find a lot of Leftist content, produced from 2015 to 2017, whining about the Right-Wing exposing their culture war,* its ideological lineage, and fundamental goals (which can be summarized as ‘the total destruction of the West’).

* I don’t use the term disparagingly, they literally declared war on our culture.

To this day, Leftists furiously whine about Jordan Peterson’s (correct) analysis that modern Leftist ideology is, essentially, a fusion of Marxism and Postmodernism. The fact that Peterson has successfully linked these ideologies to genocidal socialist regimes around the world, highlighting their natural endpoint, makes Leftists seethe all the more.

Almost all modern Leftist ideology is rooted in Western Marxism, which was pioneered by:

  • Antonio Gramsci, leader of the Italian Communist Party
  • Georgy Lukács, Commissar for Culture of the Hungarian Soviet Republic
  • The Frankfurt School, a Marxist think tank based in Columbia University and Goethe University, Frankfurt

If you aren’t familiar with the Frankfurt School (also known as The Institute for Social Research), check out their most famous works: The Authoritarian Personality (1950), Eros and Civilization (1966), and Repressive Tolerance (1965). The links to modern Leftist ideology should be pretty obvious.

If you aren’t familiar with Postmodernism (begins 1960s-70s), it can be summarized as follows: “Everything is a social construct, universal truth does not exist, facts are unimportant, ideas are true only if they benefit the oppressed, categorization causes marginalization (and thus oppression).” Many leading Postmodernists (Foucault, Baudrillard, Lyotard, etc.) began their academic careers as Western Marxists, before eventually “rejecting” Western Marxism.

Postmodernist ideas were eventually re-absorbed into Western Marxism, forming the modern Leftist ideology we are familiar with today. This is because Leftist ideology evolves through a process commonly known as “Hegelian Dialectics,” though Hegel himself did not use the term.

Here’s how Karl Marx used this theory:

The central theory of Western Marxism (known colloquially as “Cultural” Marxism) is that the Left cannot achieve victory in the West through violent revolution, because White culture is (or was) too nationalistic and socially conservative. To secure victory, they must first (in the words Lukács) “destroy society” by eroding all existing social values: Family, religion, racialism, nationalism, traditional culture, and so on.

To achieve this, Western Marxists invented a bunch of theories (now called “cultural studies”) that were explicitly designed to disrupt, destabilize, and undermine White society. They weaponized women, minorities, LGBT, etc. against the ever-oppressive “straight White male,” in the same way that Orthodox Marxists attempted to weaponize the working-class against their “bourgeois oppressors.” (Again, the Orthodox Marxist strategy failed because the White working-class were nationalistic conservative bigots).

In 1937, the Frankfurt School invented a methodology known as Critical Theory (theories that are designed to critique and change society), which diverged significantly from “Traditional Theory” (theories that merely explain society).

After the re-infusion of Postmodernism into Western Marxism, their method of societal critique became known as “problematization,” which is basically the process of undermining the social status quo by looking for “problems” within it. By “problems” they mean ways in which it may oppress some “marginalized” group. If they can’t find any “problems,” they invent some. This is why Leftists call everything “problematic.”

These Western Marxist theories gained hegemonic dominance in the West via the infiltration of academia and the indoctrination of each new generation of ruling elites. These elites graduate and take up positions within the upper echelons of society (e.g. within media, corporations, law, etc.), further disseminating these subversive ideas. The chain reaction snowballed, until it became normal for burger stores to tell your son to cut his dick off. This was the Long March Through the Institutions of Power, a strategy originally concocted by Antonio Gramsci in the 1930s.

The ideas central to Western Marxism (anti-family, anti-nationalism, anti-racism, etc., currently labeled “wokeness”) have been present and influential on the Left-Wing since the dawn of Leftism: Charles Fourier, a founder of Socialism, invented the term ‘feminism’; Lenin legalized homosexuality, transgenderism, abortion, divorce, etc.; Weimar Germany, a socialist republic, was a degenerate shit hole; Trotsky invented the term “racism,” pathologizing natural in-group preference; the USSR and PRC commanded, armed, and trained the Communist rebel forces that destroyed South Africa and Rhodesia; Leftists have been at the forefront of every sexual revolution in history; and so on.

However, these ideas were generally not the main focus of the Left. It was not until the failure of the World Revolution (1917-23), which signified the failure of Orthodox Marxism, that Western Leftist shifted their aim to focus exclusively on culture war and cultural revolution. They began their attack on White civilization as soon as the Second World War ended.

I’ve written about all of this in the past, several times. So, sorry if you’re getting déjà vu. My point is that all of this information was once common knowledge on the Right-Wing. This is no longer the case, and for that I blame the Alt-Right.

From 2017 onward, people like…

  • Richard Spencer (Holodomor denier, weird links to Russia’s CIA equivalent, GRU)
  • Eric Striker (self-identified NazBol, fired from the Dailywire.name for “being a Communist”)
  • Keith Woods (self-identified socialist, rose to prominence via Richard Spencer)
  • Arktos Media (translated all of GRU spook Aleksandr Dugin’s works for Western consumption)

began promoting the idea that the Left’s total ideological domination of the West was not due to the last 75 years of Leftists infiltrating our institutions (which they have openly admitted to doing), but due to Neo-Liberalism, a set of economic policies that were implemented in the 1980s by people like Thatcher (who was racist and pro-family) and Reagan. Unlike Western Marxism, which consists near-exclusively of theories on how to dismantle the all-oppressing force that is White civilization, Neo-Liberalism contains nothing of the sort.

What Neo-Liberalism was responsible for, is accelerating globalization and enabling corporate monopolization at the hands of international financial elites. These international financial elites have, of course, greatly contributed to the nightmare world that we find ourselves in today. However, they form a specific cabal with specific aims: Rockefeller, Warburg, Rothschild, the Bilderberg Group — you know the gang.

These moneymen openly collaborate with Leftist intellectuals; they provide the cash, Leftists provide the brains, and they both work hand-in-hand towards the same horrendous new world order. For example, Rockefeller financed the Frankfurt School after they were exiled from Europe and harbored in New York in 1934. Students taught by these Leftist intellectuals regularly find their way into elite globalist organizations, like the United Nations or Council on Foreign Relations.

Ascribing the concerted efforts of this criminal cabal to the economic policies of Neo-Liberalism (or worse still, to the mystical abstract force of “Capitalism”) is just as subversive as the Leftists themselves. Yet, that is precisely what the post-2017 Alt-Right did. They simultaneously claimed that Marxism dindu nuffin and attempted to redeem Communism and Socialism, sending huge swathes of the (online) Right-Wing on a ludicrous ideological wild goose chase, culminating in the insanity of 2020, which can be summarized by the following image:

The problem with Liberalism (both the British and French varieties – I’ll write an article on the distinction soon) is that it defangs a country, preventing it from resisting internal political subversion. The same scenario played out during the interwar period with the Left’s attempted World Revolution: The Liberal states were completely inept at dealing with the Leftist onslaught, which caused the rise of nationalist authoritarianism throughout the continent, as the masses looked for someone to take action and fix the problem.

To summarize: Leftism destroys society, Liberalism obstructs resistance to this destruction.

Furthermore, the end-goal of the globalist project is not Liberalism nor “Neo-Liberalism” but the total technocratic enslavement and micromanagement of humanity, which is far closer to Communism — actual Communism, i.e. Communism in practice, not the Communist myth of the stateless utopian paradise — than any other ideological system.

Reminder: Arktos translated all of GRU agent Dugin’s works into English. Fourth Political Theory (4PT) is Dugin’s insane ideology. His book on 4PT contains a chapter explaining why transgenderism is actually “trad.” This article explains more.

Thanks to the lunacy of the Alt-Right and “Third Positionists,” the basic history of Western Marxism (and thus western Leftism as a whole) is all but forgotten. Again, all of the above information was common knowledge on the Right-Wing barely 5 years ago.

The Right is currently so ideologically and intellectually crippled that a race-blind Liberal (James Lindsay) is leading the fight against anti-White hatred in academia and the Leftist long march through the institutions of power.

These days, Right-Wingers seem to be preoccupied with concocting hair-brained LARPs to redeem Socialism and forge unreciprocated “red-brown alliances” with Leftists who openly hate us. Either that, or they’re busy acting as armchair geopolitics generals and attempting to “forge alliances” with “based” brown people and Muslims (who also openly hate us), which culminates in posting “Zionism bad, Islam good, free Palestine” on the internet. Many Right-Wingers even claim that the Right-Wing literally doesn’t exist. Have you ever seen a Leftist call politics a “false dichotomy”? No, you haven’t. The Left may be a degenerate horde of clinically insane freaks, but at least they understand the friend-enemy distinction.

What a fucking mess.