This article is a short PSA for those who may not be aware: Australian citizens are being arrested and forcibly placed in COVID concentration camps.

As far as I know, these camps were publicly announced in July 2021 via the Australian finance minister website ( and in August 2021 via the official Northern Territory government website ( They were branded as “mandatory supervised quarantine” facilities called “Centres for National Resilience.”

The mainstream media and “fact checking” organizations are claiming that these camps are “only for foreigners” or “travelers” but that is not the case. The Australian government is also using guerilla propaganda via Instagram thots and other social media “influencers” to disguise their COVID concentration camps as a carefree, voluntary vacation.

Remember that “micro influencers” around the world are being paid by governments and NGOs to shill for COVID vaccines, mandates, and lockdowns.

Earlier this week, three children were arrested for escaping from a COVID concentration camp. None of the children had COVID, as proven by tests conducted in the camp and upon their arrests. They were arrested and placed in the camp after being identified as coming into “close contact” with someone who did have COVID.

UnHerd recently interviewed a woman who was arrested and placed into a COVID concentration camp, despite testing negative for the virus. She was threatened with huge fines, lost her job, and the prison guards tried to manipulate her into being drugged with valium after she complained about her unjust imprisonment.

The Australian military is being used to forcibly transfer citizens into these concentration camps.

Australian COVID tyranny sets a precedent for governments worldwide to arbitrarily arrest any citizen by claiming that said citizen came into “close contact” with someone who may or may not have contracted a mild flu-like virus with a 99.98% survival rate for healthy people under the age of 70. Remember, it’s for your health!

But don’t get too demoralized, there are huge anti-tyranny protests going on worldwide at this very moment. The Twitter thread below documents protests in:

  • Italy
  • Switzerland
  • Croatia
  • Austria
  • France
  • Australia
  • Peru
  • Holland
  • Canada
  • New York
  • England

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