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Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Early Child Cognitive Development: Initial Findings in a Longitudinal Observational Study of Child Health (August 2021)

A 2021 study has found that the “cognitive scores” of children born during the scamdemic were “significantly reduced [by] almost two full standard deviations,” compared to those of children born before the scamdemic, who have already gone through the initial stages of childhood development and “do not show a reduction in skills or performance.”

The study confirmed that even in the absence of COVID-19 infection, “the environmental changes associated [with the] COVID-19 pandemic [are] significantly and negatively affecting infant and child development.” In other words, face masks, lockdowns, and “other public health policies that have limited social interaction and typical childhood experiences” are responsible for this reduction in infant intelligence, not COVID the virus itself. The authors state that their results “seem to suggest that early development is impaired by the environmental conditions brought on by the pandemic,” which is a pretty reasonable conclusion.

If this study is accurate, the scamdemic has caused a greater reduction in infant intelligence and development than is seen in cases of violent domestic abuse, which have been found to reduce IQ by around 8 points (see this older study from 2003).

For reference, two standard deviations is the difference between average European IQ and average Sub-Saharan African IQ. One standard deviation is the difference between average European IQ and average South American or MENA IQ. So, if you want to know what impact a generation of people who are two standard deviations stupider than their ancestors will have on society, then just take a look at the Third World.

Even if these developmentally stunted children recover some or even all of their intelligence, who knows what horrific psychological trauma the Globalist scamdemic has inflicted upon them? If you thought that millennials and zoomers were neurotic, just wait until the scamdemic babies grow up.

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