This article includes useful infographics and statistics on US voter demographics, including policy support. The images are self-explanatory, so the commentary is kept to a minimum, with a more detailed breakdown of 2022 demographics. If you have any other useful statistics, please post them in the comment section.

2020: Mental illness and ethnocentrism (in-group preference) by race and political alignment

These statistics are vital for understanding the modern political landscape. In brief, White Leftists are severely mentally ill and exhibit negative ethnocentrism or out-group preference, meaning they hate White people and will always put the ethnic interests of non-Whites above their own. For more information, read this article.

2016: Economic and social alignment of core Republican and Democrat voters

The core Democratic bloc is economically and socially Far-Left, whereas the core Republican bloc is economically centrist (but slightly Right-leaning) and socially Center- to Far-Right.

2018: Moral support for various social policies

2016: Votes by gender and racial demographic

Even college-educated Whites voted overwhelmingly Republican.

2016: White vs non-White votes

2018: White vs non-White votes

2020: Donations to Biden vs Trump by employees


2020: Donations to Biden vs Trump by occupation

Support for Trump was strongest among the working-class and business owners.

2022: Exit poll summary (images below, will update in future)

  • Unmarried college-educated White women are the primary problem demographic among Whites. Other White demographics vote overwhelmingly Republican.
  • However, college-educated White women still vote republican at higher rates than any non-White race, excluding Amerindians.
  • Whites under 30 are the most brainwashed, voting 58% Democrat. “Based Gen Z” did not materialize. We’ll see how things pan out in 2024.
  • All non-Whites (excluding Amerindians) consistently voted Democrat (68%), regardless of gender or college education.
  • The GOP’s massive pandering to non-Whites was a failure; Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians vote majority Democrat at 86%, 60%, and 58%, respectively.
  • Homosexuals vote 85% Democrat. Once again, the GOP’s LGBT pandering was futile.
  • People who attend church at least once a week voted 66% Republican, and Evangelicals (~75% of whom are White) voted 83% Republican.


2022: Votes by race, sex, and age

2022: Change in White vote from 2018 to 2022

2022: Votes by education

2022: Votes by marital status

2022: Votes by sexual orientation, union membership, and religiosity

2022: Votes by social policy support