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This article is a pretty dense genealogy, including some important but often overlooked information on the history of globalism.

Although the Ethical Culture Movement (or ‘Ethical Movement’) is relatively unknown today, it was once a lynchpin of the Globalist project. The Ethical Movement helped lay the vital philosophical and political foundations of modern Globalism and spawned a multitude of organizations and movements that retain influence among the elite to this day. While the Ethical Movement still exists, its derivatives, such as the International Humanist movement, have become far more influential.

The Ethical Movement was founded in 1877 by Felix Adler, a Jewish migrant to the United States. Adler attended Columbia University, which is renowned for housing the Frankfurt School (who made the largest intellectual contribution to modern Leftist ideology) and Franz Boas (a crypto-Marxist anthropologist and the father of race and gender denialism), in addition to educating some of the world’s most influential Globalists (United Nations employees, and so on). Adler served on the Civil Liberties Bureau, which became the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and was an executive of the National League on Urban Conditions Among Negroes (National Urban League).

Felix’s father, Samuel, was the head rabbi of New York’s world-renowned Temple Emanu-El, which founded Reform Judaism, the world’s second-largest Jewish denomination, in America. Reform Judaism is progressivist and hyper-liberalized. It focuses on the “ethical superiority” of Jewish culture, as well as the ancient Jewish concept of ‘Tikkun Olam,’ which translates to “repairing the world.” A central pillar of the Jewish religion — perhaps the most important of all — is that our entire world is “broken” and the Jews were “chosen by god” to “repair” it. The term ‘Tikkun Olam’ was first used during the Mishnaic period (10 AD to 220 AD) and fully developed via the Lurianic Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism) during the Middle Ages, but similar beliefs can be found throughout the Torah:

“keep My covenant, then ye shall be Mine own treasure from among all peoples; for all the earth is Mine; and ye shall be unto Me a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation. These are the words which thou shalt speak unto the children of Israel.'”
— Exodus 19

“I the LORD have called thee in righteousness, and have taken hold of thy hand, and kept thee, and set thee for a covenant of the people, for a light of the nations; To open the blind eyes, to bring out the prisoners from the dungeon, and them that sit in darkness out of the prison-house.”
— Isaiah 42

Before founding the Ethical Movement, Felix Adler delivered a sermon at the Temple Emanu-El titled ‘The Judaism of the Future.’ He claimed that Judaism should be a universal moral “religion” for all of mankind, essentially arguing for a global religion free from theology, ritual, and creed, designed to unite humanity into ‘moral social action’ (i.e. behavior that aligns with the values and objectives of the Jewish people).

“The Light of the World is a light that is saturated with the darkness which it has overcome and transfigured.”
“We must press on through the darkness and the terror of it if we would reach the holier light beyond.”
— Felix Adler

Following the Sermon, Adler founded the first Ethical Culture Society, aided by the president of Temple Emanu-El, Joseph Seligman, who would become the society’s first president. Seligman was an internationally influential figure, involved with a multitude of high-flying global projects. For example, he founded the J. & W. Seligman & Co. bank and helped David Rockefeller found Standard Oil. On a related note, Felix’s sister, Sarah Adler, married Julius Goldman, one of the founders of the investment banking firm Goldman Sachs.

Although Ethical societies are secular, they organize using a church or synagogue structure, with leaders acting as clergy or rabbinate. They perform weddings, naming ceremonies, and memorial services, in addition to doing social activism. The primary purpose of the Ethical Movement is to “educate” the youth in opposing all forms of “sectarian bigotry.” Youth indoctrination, particularly that which focuses on the intellectual elite, is by far the most effective way to mold a society’s future.

As per the words of Adler, the movement’s key ideas include:

  • Human Worth and Uniqueness
    The idea that all people have inherent worth, independent of their actions, and are thus deserving of respect and dignity, and their uniqueness should be encouraged and celebrated.
  • Interrelatedness
    Adler used the term “The Ethical Manifold” to describe his concept of the universe, in which all humans are unique and indispensable individuals, who have an inestimable influence on all other humans by symbiotically interacting with the metaphysical “whole.” Adler viewed his idea of ‘interrelatedness’ as being at the core of ‘Ethics.’

Famous Ethical Society members included Eleanor Roosevelt (FDR’s wife), Ramsay MacDonald (UK’s first Labour Party prime minister), and Albert Einstein, who stated that “without ‘ethical culture’ there is no salvation for humanity” and emphasized the eschatological “world repairing” (Tikkun Olam) aspect of the movement. Interestingly, all of these characters were directly linked to the United Nations: FDR signed the United Nations into existence; the Labour Party was founded by the Fabian Society, which was instrumental in creating the United Nations; and Einstein was heavily involved with the United Nations’ education programs.

“We pioneered the idea of a United Nations.”
Fabian Society website

Ethical Society members were deeply involved with the United Nations / League of Nations world government project from the beginning. For example, the president of the British Ethical Union, Gilbert Murray, served as the vice-president of the League of Nations Society and chairman of the League’s International Committee on Intellectual Cooperation (ICIC), where he worked alongside Einstein and other influential figures. The ICIC became UNESCO under the leadership of Julian Huxley (another Fabian), after the League of Nations was rebranded to the United Nations in 1945. Coincidentally, Murray also co-founded the charity OXFAM, one of the biggest White guilt propaganda organizations in the West.

The Fabian Society advocated for a slow and subtle, almost undetectable, transition toward global socialism and world government, visually symbolized by the organization’s emblem and coat of arms: A tortoise and a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The society was formed by an early ‘ethical’ movement in the UK known as the Fellowship of the New Life. Its membership included Karl Marx’s daughter, Ramsay MacDonald, and Havelock Ellis, who was affiliated with Golden Dawn, the Freemasonic (i.e. Kabbalistic) organization to which Aleister Crowley belonged. The Fellowship’s founder, Thomas Davidson, argued that every human being had the potential to literally become a God, but claimed that this ability was being stifled by “restrictive social conditions.”

The first British Ethical Society was founded in 1886 after American Ethical Movement propaganda was distributed to leading British philosophers, university professors, and intellectuals. The movement flourished among the UK’s progressive intelligentsia and by the late 1880s Felix Adler’s aide, Stanton Coit (another University of Columbia alumnus), had moved to the UK to lead the British Ethical Society. The British Ethical Movement had significant overlap with the Fabian Society and the socialist movement in general; Coit soon joined the Labour Party and ran as a parliamentary candidate.

In 1896, the International Union of Ethical Societies was founded in Switzerland to guide and unify the movement, which had gone global. It launched several international congresses, focusing on various progressive issues. The first International Moral Education Congress was organized in 1908 by Felix Adler and Gustav Spiller, a Hungarian-born Jew and the secretary of the International Union of Ethical Societies. It aimed to unite people of all races, religions, and sexes to advance the cause of “ethical education” and resolve any practical issues that may hinder the implementation of their ideals. Spiller also pitched the idea of a Universal Races Congress, which took place three years later with financial support from the treasurer of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), John E. Milholland. The Universal Races Congress was attended by many influential figures, including:

  • W.E.B. Du Bois, a renowned socialist and anti-racist
  • Mary White Ovington, the co-founder of the NAACP
  • H.G. Wells, a leading Fabian Socialist
  • Franz Boas, the world’s most influential race-denialist

The third International Moral Education Congress was hosted at Switzerland’s University of Geneva in 1922, led by its newly-elected president, Adolphe Ferrière. It was host to 500 intellectual leaders from 30 different countries and attended by numerous League of Nations officials, including Gustav Spiller, who had joined the organization two years prior, and Albert Thomas, a French socialist and the first director of the League of Nations Labor Office. Discussion was confined to the subject of internationalism and how education can be used to install a globalized worldview in the youth; Albert Thomas “insisted upon the need of education in forming public opinion in support of world fraternity.” The congress approved the founding of the International Moral Education Bureau at The Hague, alongside a permanent association of “educationists” of the world.

In 1922, Ferrière co-founded the New Education Fellowship (NEF) with Elisabeth Rotten, a Quaker, and Beatrice Ensor, a Theosophist (i.e. a Kabbalist). Education was a primary concern of the Theosophical movement. Its founder, the fraudulent mystic Helena Blavatsky, wrote in ‘The Key to Theosophy’ (1889): “If we had money, we would found schools […] Children should above all be taught self-reliance, love for all men, altruism, mutual charity.” The NEF, which has been described as “the midwife of UNESCO,” branched off an earlier, explicitly Theosophical organization. They sought to gain broader support by downplaying their links to Theosophy, Kabbalism, and occultism. According to Ensor, “many of the leaders of the education movement in England grew rather afraid of our Theosophy,” which is unsurprising — it is a deranged movement. The stated purpose of the Theosophical Society is to “oversee the evolution of mankind” and prepare the world for the arrival of a Messiah that they call “The World Teacher of Humankind.” It aims to achieve this by “forming a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity, without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or color” (note the similarities to Felix Adler’s ‘Ethical’ ideology, i.e. secularized Reform Judaism). At the time of the NEF’s founding, the Theosophical Society was in the process of grooming a young Indian boy, Jiddu Krishnamurti, into becoming their messianic “World Teacher.” This, unsurprisingly, did not go to plan.

Alongside Theosophy and Jewish mysticism, the NEF’s ideology was heavily influenced by socialist principles, drawing particular inspiration from the socialist ‘educationalist’ Cecil Reddie, who was a member of the Fellowship of the New Life. Elizabeth Rotten was a close friend of Gustav Landauer, the Bavarian Soviet Republic’s (ethnically Jewish) “Minister of Enlightenment,” while Ensor was a close friend of H. G. Wells, the most renowned Fabian Socialist. Ensor also worked for the Save the Children Foundation, which was founded by Eglantyne Jebb (who drafted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child for the League of Nations) and Dorothy Buxton (yet another Fabian Socialist of the UK’s Labour Party).

The world’s first official Globalist education center was established in 1924 as the International School of Geneva (or ‘Ecolint’) by Adolphe Ferrière and other senior League of Nations officials, including Ludwik Rajchman, the Polish-born Jew who founded UNICEF. Ecolint was bankrolled by leading Globalists, like John D. Rockefeller Jr, and its list of alumni reads like a who’s who of international elites, featuring names like Edmond de Rothschild, Indira Gandhi, and the Thai royal family. The following year, Ferrière co-founded the League of Nations’ International Bureau of Education (IBE), serving as its deputy director alongside Elisabeth Rotten. The IBE developed UNESCO’s educational program, which sets the global standard for quality curricula and is currently working on educational programs for Agenda 21 / Agenda 2030.

The fundamental principles of UNESCO’s curriculum, known as “peace education,” were defined by the long-term director of Ecolint, Marie-Thérèse Maurette. She was the wife of a League of Nations official who was invited to join the organization by the aforementioned French socialist, Albert Thomas. Her father, Paul Dupuy, was the master supervisor and secretary-general of the Parisian university, École Normale Supérieure, which produced the Leftist philosophers Foucault, Derrida, Althusser, and Satre. Their postmodernist theories were instrumental in forging contemporary Leftist / Globalist political ideology. And they were also pedophiles.

Maurette was the main ideologue behind the United Nations’ peace education agenda, which aims to prevent war by indoctrinating children. The main focus of so-called “peace education” is the complete eradication of national/ethnic identities, which Globalists claim are the root cause of all human conflict. Maintaining “world peace” is an integral aspect of Globalism in the same way that maintaining peace between subjugated provinces was an integral aspect of the Roman Empire. The last thing that Globalists want is for inter-ethnic conflicts to break out and destabilize their world government.

At the behest of the United Nations, Maurette produced a manifesto, Education Techniques for Peace Exist? (1948), detailing her principles of indoctrination. These include:

  • ‘Synthetic Geography’ or ‘International Culture,’ which introduces children to the world via a global image or world map and specifically ignores their home country.
  • Children are taught demographics and cultural relativism.
  • National history is taught at age 12, only after world history has been sufficiently explained.
  • National history is given “proper and relative importance” (i.e. downplayed considerably).
  • The teaching of two languages, to practice foreign modes of thinking and understanding.

Educational techniques for developing the spirit of international collaboration and peace, do they exist? What do we mean by this? To educate children so that they are men, members of the human species, and not members of a “nation.” This is a great project, where powerful churches have failed; and we have resigned ourselves to the ancient saying: ‘One man to another is a wolf, not a man, when he doesn’t know what sort he is.’ Nevertheless, the idea of ​​the “human” man, whatever his race, his color, his religion, his country, was born little by little, and has been linked to the beautiful word of “Humanities.”

— Marie-Thérèse Maurette, Do Education Techniques for Peace Exist? (1948)

Does this sound familiar? It should, because this is being taught to almost every child in the West today.

“From its beginning, UNESCO made education for international understanding in school history and geography a priority. As these were the areas where children were most likely to encounter nationalism in state schools, a reform of these subjects was critical to the success of education for international understanding. […] The major contributions of UNESCO in history education were pedagogical and involved new ways of organizing the subject for school instruction.”

“The Peaceful and Constructive Battle”: UNESCO and Education for International Understanding in History and Geography, 1947–1967, International Journal of Educational Reform

In 1965, the United Nations launched its pilot peace education program, based on Maurette’s manifesto: The International Baccalaureate (IB), founded by members of Ecolint, the United Nations’ International School, Oxford University, and the US Advanced Placement Program, with funding from the Ford Foundation and the Twentieth Century Fund (founded by Edward Filene, a Jewish banker and League of Nations affiliate).

The IB was first implemented under a six-year experimentation period via the United World Colleges (UWC) school network, which was founded three years earlier by the Jewish educationalist Kurt Hahn, whose ideas greatly influenced the IB program. Hahn was a member of Ferrière’s New Education Fellowship and founded various elite schools and educational organizations worldwide, including the Atlantic College in Wales and Schule Schloss Salem in Germany. His main objective was to “re-educate” Europeans, focusing on “concern and compassion” in order to avert the “doom” that he saw foreshadowed by the First World War. Hahn was also an early proponent of “diversity and inclusion” (which means ethnically replacing White people with non-White people). Former UWC presidents include Nelson Mandela and Prince Charles, and the organization describes itself as a global movement that “makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.” It runs the world’s largest scholarship program in international education and hand-selects its students from top institutions worldwide.

Although the United Nations’ education agenda initially focused on grooming fresh batches of elites into the Globalist cartel, these individuals were merely test subjects for a much larger project. The ideology of “peace education” has steadily leaked into the Western curriculum over the last half-century, in both an official and unofficial capacity. The IB website reported a 33.3% growth in official IB programs worldwide between 2016 and 2020, and as of 2021, there are over 5400 IB schools in 159 countries, transforming two million students into “internationally educated global citizens” every year. According to the director of college counseling at the French-American School of New York, the IB is “considered the gold standard among college admissions officials.”

While “trickle-down” cultural osmosis cannot be ruled out (the IB website claims that their programs are being adopted in America “by school districts at the behest of local boards of education”), the IB is actively working with nation-state governments around the world to define public education curriculums. According to a 2009 ‘partnerships’ report, the IB officially collaborates with the American, Canadian, British, Australian, German, and Japanese governments, among many others.

The IB works closely with governments in different ways […] we aim to […] assist curriculum development, assessment and teacher training within state systems. The collaborative relationship also leads to exchanges of ideas that result in small or large reforms and innovations in state education programmes.

— IB > Partnerships > Governments https://web.archive.org/web/20090304005302/http://www.ibo.org/partnerships/governments/

A fascinating Guardian article from 2006 (‘All American trouble’) unveiled that the IB program was a hotly contested topic 15 years ago. Multiple American schools met fierce resistance from school board members when they attempted to implement the IB program. Some detractors claimed that IB was an “international conspiracy” and “one-world government” (correct). Others accused the doctrine of being “socialist, moral relativist, anti-Christian, un-American” (correct) and “an attack on national sovereignty” (also correct). A school board member who called the IB “internationalist, pro-egalitarian, and Marxist” (correct again) received death threats, presumably from angry Leftists. One Pittsburgh school was even sued by the ACLU (Felix Adler’s employer), which demanded that the IB program be reinstated. The ACLU’s legal director, Vic Walczak (no prizes for guessing his ethnicity), called the board members “extremists” for resisting this despicable Globalist doctrine.

The article’s closing paragraphs are by far the most important: A school official admitted that they would be reimplementing IB-style education anyway, regardless of whether or not they won the lawsuit, and that they would simply abandon the IB branding. This is very reminiscent of the current debate on Critical Race Theory. You can and should challenge Globalist/Leftist indoctrination, but as long as they have the law and the courts on their side (e.g. Civil Rights Act), then the torrent of subversion is almost unstoppable.

If the lawsuit fails, Upper St Clair’s schools will strive to continue teaching their curricula in as close a style to the IB as possible, one source close to the debate told the Guardian […] “But we won’t be able to call it the International Baccalaureate and have that prestige attached to it,” he said. […] “Do you have this problem with the IB in England? It’s so embarrassing. It’s so parochial. We have a strong international interest and want to push a broader perspective,” said the source.

In conclusion…

It is important to note that the IB is merely one tentacle of the beast. Many organizations have pursued similar indoctrination agendas for decades, if not centuries (as seen with the Ethical and Theosophical movements). However, as demonstrated by the evidence above, you will always find an incredible degree of interconnectedness between the subversive individuals and organizations behind the New World Order. If you take one thing from this article, let it be this: This nightmare of a world did not materialize out of thin air. It was not a “natural result” of technological progress, “capitalism,” or societal evolution. The New World Order was consciously constructed by a meticulous and highly organized international conspiracy that has steadily chipped away at the foundations of Western Civilization for hundreds of years. However, this conspiracy has proven that if it can be built, then it can be destroyed. The good news is that Globalist ideology is so fragile and unnatural that it can be debunked by simple memes and can only be enforced by indoctrinating children from birth and bombarding the masses with constant propaganda from every media source imaginable.

Here’s a basic map of everything mentioned in this article: