1. Intro
2. Timeline
3. Extra reading

1. Intro

Here’s a short timeline of the Replacement Migration agenda, covering each key component, with extra links for more information. There are other aspects not listed here, this is just a brief summary.

2. Timeline

[1] 1920s-70s:
Explicitly anti-White ideologies are formalized and spread throughout Western academia (Western Marxism, Critical Race Theory, Marxist “anti-imperialism” etc.).

[2] 1933-45:
Western and Eastern Globalists collaborate to destroy nationalism in Europe and found the New World Order, fronted by the United Nations. This establishes a new political and moral paradigm, with (European) nationalism as the ultimate evil (brown nationalism is lauded and championed) and the “diversification” of European countries as the ultimate good.

[3] 1950s-70s:
The “Civil/Human Rights” revolution legally enshrines anti-White politics under the guise of “equality” and enforces multiracialism and integration by banning racial “discrimination.”

[4] 1960s-70s:
Policies to intentionally destroy White birth rates are implemented throughout the West (birth control, abortion, etc.) under the guise of “sexual revolution” and “freedom.” Leaked reports from World Bank, Rockefeller Foundation, etc., (e.g. Jaffe Memo) prove that these policies are specifically designed to reduce fertility.

[5] 1960s-90s:
Open border immigration laws are passed throughout the West, removing all racial and ethnic limitations on immigration and naturalization.

[6] 1990s-present:
Globalist destabilization of the Third World causes a mass influx of refugees and rent-seeking economic immigrants LARPing as refugees.

[7] 2000s:
United Nations’ Replacement Migration agenda is officially announced and subsequently endorsed by Western countries and bureaucratic NGOs around the world.

[8] 2010s:
The so-called “refugee crisis” kicks mass migration into overdrive; huge NGOs with backing from people like George Soros ship millions of Third World immigrants into Europe and America.

“Whitey has low birth rates, we need to replace you with foreign brown people. Fortunately, the entire Third World has been destabilized, which is all your fault for being a genocidal White supremacist imperialist and having racist ancestors. So, you are morally obligated to embrace your own ethnic replacement. If you protest, we’ll throw you in jail for hate speech. No, you can’t secede because these ‘Civil Rights’ laws prevent you from doing so. Diversity is our greatest strength.”

3. Extra reading

[1] Anti-White ideologies

[2] New World Order

[3] “Civil/Human Rights” & [5] Open Borders

[4] Birth rate destruction

[6] Destabilization of the Third World

[7] UN Replacement Migration agenda

Okay, those are all of the links I can think of right now. May add more in future.